Thirty-Six - Mia Nonna Plays Hide & Seek

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Thirty-Six - Mia Nonna Plays Hide & Seek

After the play, Cleo, Alex, and Adrianna's house was busier than Golden Corral on a Sunday. When they pulled into the driveway their parents looked back at them.

"What y'all waiting for? Go give the people back their kids."

"I have a crutch, so-"

Alex opened the car door, took Adrianna's crutch and threw it. "Limp ya ass in the house."


"I'm not in it."

Cleo and Alex went in the house and to the living room. Most of the kids were asleep, except for Nicholas and Shiloh. They were talking about their parents and Shiloh was saying how she wished she had siblings like Nicholas did.

"Let's do the three La Croix kids and Shiloh first." Cleo suggested. Alex agreed and went to wake Stella up.

"Stella...time to go baby girl."

Stella slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head off the couch. "Hi Alex,"


She put her arms around his neck and he picked her up. Cleo had Jasper lying on her shoulder and Nicky's hand in hers. Alex grabbed Shiloh's hand.

"Hasta luego amigo!" Shi waved at Nicky as she got in the car.


"Who's that, Shi?" Zyon asked her while strapping her in her booster seat.

"Mi amigo Nicky, papi."

Zyon made sure the seat was secure before turning around and pulling off.

Back at Ray's house, they had just gotten home from getting the babies and Ray had gotten some amazing news from her father.

"Daddy you're serious?"

"I don't care what it is, how much it costs. If you want it then let me know." Jason repeated. Ray ran and jumped on him, almost knocking him over. "Uncle Mas agreed to pitch in too."

"Aw, Uncle Mas!"

"I never said that, but okay."

"So who wants to go the mall with me on Saturday?" Ray asked with a huge smile on her face. "Cousin?"

"Me and Lenci going to Ryan's graduation."


"Best friend said he would go with you." Somi read the text. "I'm gonna go to bed."

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm just going to bed. I really am proud of you Ray, seriously."

"Thanks Citaa."

The next day Raymond, Shekinah and Shiloh got off of the elevator and went to the left, going inside the office. The same office their mother and brother went for therapy and psychiatry. The place was big, as soon as you walked in there was the giant wooden desk with all the receptionists sitting behind it. There was a waiting area with a TV with Wendy Williams on it with her celebrity guest.

"Can I help you sir?" A lightskin girl asked him. "Are you two together?"

Raymond cleared his throat and walked up to the desk. "Yeah, how do I see a psychiatrist?"

"Um well first you need a referral-"

"We don't have time for that, lady. We both need a psychiatrist like yesterday. We have our information and everything." Shekinah spoke up, adjusting Shiloh on her shoulder. She was so heavy when she was asleep.

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