Princess? I think not

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Ch 1

“Aqua , get down here”

Ugh1 what does dearest step mommy want now? (note the sarcasm)

“Aqua, I’m warning you!” I groaned and get out of bed . Looking at myself in the mirror, I see an ordinary girl, I have frizzy brown hair and ordinary brown eyes, I know that I am nothing special.

“ Aqua! I’m counting back from five, and if your not down here” I sighed and roll my eyes, does she really think that’s going to work on me.


“I’m coming, I’m coming” I yelled. I quickly put on my black skinny jeans, my tee and my yellow and black converse and rushed down stairs.

“ what do you want” I asked as I jumped the last two steps.

“ How many times have I told you not to do that” sighs Clarice

I rolled my eyes “Sorry” I muttered

Every morning we go through the same thing. When is she going to learn that I always jumped those last two steps. I’ve been doing it way before she got here, and I will always do it.

I walk into the breakfast room, yeah I know what your thinking. A breakfast room, what the heck is a breakfast room? Well my father is a some type of computer genius , so even though we don live in a mansion , our house is pretty close to being one.

So anyways ,as I was saying I walked into the breakfast room. “Yes” I asked my step mom

“Hello sweetie” she smiles.

Sweetie? She never calls me sweetie when we are alone. It’s either Aqua or hey kid. The only time she calls me sweetie is when important guest are around. I looked into the breakfast room, and sure enough there people sitting at the table. To my shock my step mom’s “Important guests” are kids! Well teenagers my age actually, and wow they are some good looking teens. I see two boys and a girl.

The girl is really pretty with dark blond hair and green eyes and when I say green I mean green. My eyes move on to the boy sitting next to her, he is really handsome , e has chestnut color hair with hazel eyes that pop! Awe! he has a shy smile on his face, so adorable! I look at the last guy and my eyes widens, Holy Smokes this guy is hot, he has jet black hair and caramel color skin, his piercing blue eyes gives me tingles all over. From what I can tell he has a lean body , I’m not really sure because he is kind of slouching in my chair- . Wait a minute, he’s sitting in my chair!!

“Hey” I shout, everyone jumps. My stepmother looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Hey” I say again “What are you doing in my chair?”

The boy looks around in confusion. Why is he looking around like that ,he knows who I’m talking to, that chair stealer.

“Why are you in my chair?” I asked through clenched teeth

“Clarice said I could” he answered looking annoyed.

Oh so now they are on a first name basis now, and what gives him the right to sound annoyed with me, he’s the one sitting in my chair!

I turned and glared at Clarice “what were you thinking” I screeched “why would you let that boy” I said repulsively” sit in my chair”

“Oh come on” sighs the chair thief (I know very immature, but hey he stole my chair I have a right to be mad) “It’s just a chair”.

“Just a chair?” I slowly turn towards him.

“This is not just a chair” I shouted.