The rest of the day is better than the morning, my mom takes me to a salon and I get my hair trimmed and some layers added into it. It still hangs down my back but with my new cut it has more volume and looks much better. Noah showers me with compliments the entire drive back to my dorm. I say goodbye to my mom and Noah, once again promising them to stay away from anyone with a tattoo within a hundred mile radius. I feel a tinge of disappointed when I find my dorm room empty, I am not sure if i was hoping to see Steph or someone else. I don't even bother taking my shoes off before i lay in my bed, I am too exhausted and in need of sleep.

I sleep the entire day and when I wake up Steph is asleep in her bed. We will have to catch up on where she went Saturday and most of Sunday. I stop by the coffee house and grab my usual before heading to my first class. Liam is waiting for me with a smile. We are interrupted by a girl asking for directions and we don't get the chance to catch up until we are walking to our last class of the day. The class that I have been dreading but anticipating all day.

"How was your weekend?" He asks and I groan.

"Terrible actually. I went to another party with Steph" I tell him and he makes a sour face and laughs. "I am sure yours was much better, how is Danielle?"

His smile grows at the mention of her name and I realize that I didn't mention seeing Noah yesterday. Liam tells me about Danielle applying to a ballet company in New York and how happy he is for her. I wonder if Noah's eyes light up when he talks of me like Liam's do as he talks about his girlfriend. he tells me how his father and stepmother were so thrilled to see him and that he did miss him mom while he was gone. His mother must live here or close to here.

"Won't it be hard if she lives so far?" I ask him as we take our seats. Harry's usual seat is empty.

"Well we are already far from each other now and it works. Besides, I want the best for her and if New York is the best thing for her, that's where I want her to be." he says and the professor walks in, silencing us. Where is Harry? He wouldn't skip class just to avoid me would he? We dive into Pride and Prejudice and the class ends too soon.

"You've cut your hair Theresa" I turn around to see Harry behind me. Him and Liam exchange awkward stares and I try to think of what to say to Harry. I hope he won't mention the kiss in front of Liam, he wouldn't would he? Yes, yes he would.

"Hey Harry" I say and he smiles, his dimples deeper than ever.

"How was your weekend?" His expression is so smug. I pull Liam by the arm.

"Good, I will see you around" I yell nervously and Harry laughs.

"What was that about?" Liam asks, obviously catching on to my strange behavior.

"Nothing, I just don't like Harry"

"At least you don't have to see him often." there is something behind his voice. Does he know about the kiss?

"Uhm.. yea. Thank god"

"I wasn't going to say anything because I don't want you to associate me with him, but Harry's dad is sort of dating my mom" he smiles nervously. What?

"What? Harry's dad lives here? Why is Harry here, where is his accent from? If his dad lives here why doesn't he live with him? " I flood him with questions before I can stop myself. He looks confused but less nervous than a moment ago.

"He's from London, his dad and my mom live close to the campus but Harry and his dad don't have a good relationship. Don't mention any of this to him, please. We already don't like each other." he says and a thousand more questions come to my mind but I stay quiet as he goes back to talking about Danielle.