Langston’s POV:

I walking to the elevator with Julian and Day when a voice called from behind us. I spun around to see Michael walking towards us. I rolled my eyes and walked forward to the elevator not minding him. I’m tired of this dude.

“I heard y’all chilling today. You tryna let me come along?” He asked flashing us a smile. I groaned but didn’t speak or say anything.

No one said anything a matter of a fact. We stood there in silence. If they weren’t gonna tell him he couldn’t come than I would.

“Sure.” Julian’s voice spoke. I banged my head against the elevator door that had failed to open despite my constant pressing of the button.

Why would Julian let this nigga roll with us? I can promise you I’m gonna end up killing him. I can put a bet on it. I slowly turned on my heels to face them with a straight face.

“So, are we gonna go or...” I trailed off making sure I wouldn’t make eye contact with Michael because I’d probably say something rude. I don’t even want to think of the pain this dumb-ass has caused Sonia. It’s just frustrating.

I heard a bing as the elevator doors opened showing the vacant space. I spun back around so they were looking at my back and stepped into the elevator waiting for them. As we all piled up in the small space I pressed the button that sent us to the lobby. We stayed silent a thickness in the air, one that i guess everyone was gonna ignore. I wasn’t gonna address it cause everyone knows it’s there. If I say something it’s probably gonna start some trouble. I know that’s the opposite of what Sonia wants.

I sighed, that being the only noise made the whole elevator ride. the door finally opened and i was the first one to step out.

“Whose car are we taking?” Day asked rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“We’ll take mine,” Michael offered before I could even get a word out. My fell even more, if that was possible.

“No,” I said letting it sit there for a moment before going on, “We’re taking my car.” I pulled my keys from pocket and started towards the doors. I do not want to hang with this  guy.


We sat there in hooters after going to finish Line and getting some new J’s. i wasn’t bothered by Michael no more. I was paying him any mind at all, though he said some shady comments towards me.

“You know,” Michael began as I sat there eating my food, “You’re the opposite of what I thought Sonia would want in someone.”

Julian who was eating choked on his food momentarily, and day dropped his fork. i looked up from my food and stared at him for a moment before setting my fork down.

“You know,” I began smiling at him, “I’m still trying to figure out why Sonia even wanted a punk like you.”

It stayed silent, I didn’t look away from Michael as his phony smile dropped to a real frown and his eyes glared at me. My smile dropped and i picked my fork up, stabbing it into my chicken.

“Look Michael, I’m not trying to start any problems-”

“A little bit too late for that my nigga,” Julian spoke interrupting me.

“But, I’m gonna need you to stay the fuck away from Sonia and I. Y’all had something awhile ago, I get it but you messed up and she’s with me now. Get that through your thick ass head.”  I said.

“You’ve already messed up a few times if I’m right? Keep messing up nigga, I’ll be right here.” He replied a smirk lifting at the corner of his lips.