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"You! What are you doing here?" he snarled angrily.
"James sit down," his father said in a serious tone, and he knew better. "This is Mr and Mrs Smith, and their daughter Pamela. I am sure you know her.

This young lady is pregnant with my future grandchild, and heir to my empire, so I suggest you treat her with some respect even though you have tarnished this families good name already by impregnating a woman out of wedlock.
"Grandchild, you have got to be kidding me. How do I know that, that thing is my child," he scoffed pointing at her.
"Don't you dare call my child, a thing," she spat out standing up.
"Enough!" James father shouted. "You are going to get married to her tomorrow, we have already made arrangements with a judge friend mine.
"What!" both James and Pamela shouted simultaneously.
"You both have no say in this matter. We have to clean up the mess both of you made," Pamela's father stated as he stood up.

"As for you I am very disappointed in you, so enough of this nonsense. I am afraid I have to agree with the boy's father," her father stated.


The following day they had a small wedding ceremony at the magistrates office. Both of them angry at being forced into such a union. After the ceremony James took her to their house to get her things. Once they reached his house, he got out of the car tossing the keys to Thomas as he left her standing beside the car. Thomas the gardener and Maria the house help helped her with her things. Maria a lovely middle aged woman, who quickly took a liking to Pam, showed her to a small guest room which would be her sleeping quarters.

Pamela's POV

I have to try make this marriage work, for my baby's sake. Going around the house I found my husband in his office going through some paperwork. With a hesitant knock I caught his attention.
"I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, if you want to come, here are the details," I said unfolding the small note I had written.
"Was marriage not enough for you, now you want me to go around with you to see some doctor."
Taken aback, I quickly turned and left the room.
Later on in the afternoon, I met James' best friend Jeff. He was a tall light skinned man, with the build of a rugby player, though he was not too massive like the actual players. He had a round face with a strong jaw line, and short black curly hair. He was wearing an Armani suit that showed off his physic well, but compared to James, James would beat him in any contest.

James towered above me by a foot, at six feet four. He had a lean build, and well toned muscles. His black eyes could easily drown a person into them. Light chocolate brown skin that made ones mouth water, yearning for the actual thing.
Jeff greeted me, and as we got to know each other from that small conversation I actually saw myself becoming good friends with him.

"So are you going to sleep with my friend and pin the pregnancy to him as well?" James said as he walked into the living room.
"It was nice to meet you Jeff," I said getting up to leave as I ignored James.
"What was that. If you are going to disrespect your wife in front of me, don't bother calling me to your house again. She is the mother of your unborn child for petes sake man," Jeff said in an angry tone as he got up to leave.
James quickly apologized and asked Jeff to stay over for dinner.

"So when does she have her first check up?" Jeff asked his friend as they sat in James' office.
"She mentioned something about a doctor tomorrow, I wasn't paying attention anyway, I have more important matters to attend to. And mind you, don't even tell me to go, I will not do such. Now can we talk about work, that is why I called you here for."
"I never knew you could be this heartless man, one day this is gonna come back and bite you in the back. Don't say I didn't warm you. "After discussing work, Maria informed them dinner was served. Once they settled down at the table, Jeff asked of Pamela, but Maria informed him that she had declined supper. Jeff asked Maria if she had eaten anything since she arrived, and was disappointed at what he heard. James pretended not to hear their conversation as he quickly dug into his meal as Jeff took up his plate to Pamela's room and found her in bed reading a novel.


I looked up shocked to see Jeff at my door, I had no even heard him come in. With a large smile on his face he said, "I brought you dinner. I heard you haven't eaten anything all day; you really should take care of yourself, remember you are now eating for two and all."

With a shy smile he handed her the plate and watched her eat.
"Give my friend some time, he will warm up to you soon. He can be a complete jerk, but he is a good man underneath all that armor of his.
Once she finished eating he left her and headed downstairs.
"Stop being and ass and take care of your wife James, she is a good woman. I am leaving now, see you at work," he said as he left.

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