Gabbi prov

i woke up this morning in Matt bed and found him gone. I put on one of his shirt and went into the kitchen only to find a note saying he had a lot of things to do at work and that he will see me at work.

Yeah i guess you could say i was mad, i mean its not everyday you give your virginity to the guy you love.


I arrive at work and like everyday i did what i had to do which was go into the office that i share with my dearest friend Kayla ' note the sarcasm'.

i never like her and neither did she i knew she had a big crush on Matt and she wasn't or didn't try to hide that when i first started working here the exact words she told me where

       '' first of all who the hell are you and i would like to warn you over Matt. he is mine and he has been since we were little kids our parents are planning for us to be married and if you dare take him away or anything i would kill you, like literately''.

I WALKED INTO  the office that i shared with Kayla and i saw that she was already int here.

 '' hey'' i said but definitely not in a nice way, she didn't even bothered to look up or reply so i just sat in my chair looking out he window.

i was thinking of Matt once again and when he told me he loved me last night i couldn't help but feel like i had accomplished what i wanted but it still felt like there was something missing.

Just when i was going to get more into my though. someone opened the door and i looked up to see Matt walking in the office.

both of us looking into either of our eyes like the last sight for eternity.

i kept looking at him like that till i heard someone fake coughing. i turned to see Kayla looking pissed as ever.

           MATT PROV

 i was looking into the woman that i loved eyes. Gabbi was looking hotter than usual today.

 she had on a skirt that i think girls refer as to pencil skirt and on a one sleeve black shirt plus some heels.

i heard some coughing breaking me and Gabbi gaze and i turned my head to see an angry Kayla but when she notices i was looking toward to her.

she stoop up and walked to me gave me a hug that i didn't want and told  ME that her parents were in town.

Also that we were suppose to discuss about our arranged engagement and that we were meeting at my  parents house.

I knew i forgot to talk about that with Gabbi ND NEXT THING I KNEW I WAS BEING PUSHED out of the front of the office door with an emotional Gabbi heading out of the office but with a satisfied Kayla with a smirk on her face.



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