Chapter 15.

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Scarlett's POV

 Four hours, four straight hours I spent crouched down behind a filing cabinet. There wasn't even enough room to sit down, I was literally squatting and my legs were beyond dead. The first minutes were so tense I don't think I even remembered to breathe.

"Now then son, I think you're letting your imagination get to you." I assumed this was the voice of Kendall's dad since he spoke with authority and he sounded fairly old. 


"Look, there's no one in here. Why don't you take the afternoon off or something? You are looking slightly pale."


"Go on now, before I change my mind and give you this stack of paperwork I have to do."

The other voice was easily recognisable as the receptionist but I didn't hear it again after the heavy wooden door clicked shut. I let out a shaky breath, holding my hand in front of my face. I made sure my phone was on silent because someone ringing me would be typical, it happens in every movie whenever someone is hiding. I heard the desk chair being pulled out and a loud thump as Kendall's dad sat down.

He didn't leave that position, from the tiny view I had of him I could see him concentrating on the paperwork in front of him. Every time he flipped the papers I hoped he would be finished soon but as the hours soon passed on and the cramping in my legs became unbearable I was almost ready to blow my cover without even thinking about the consequences. But, my prayers had been answered when he let out a sigh and left the room, I didn't know where he was going – he could be stood outside the door for all I knew and I didn't know how long he would be gone but I took the only chance I had been given.

I tried to stand up but my legs were so stiff I practically fell over, the filing cabinet helped my balance. My legs were incredibly dead as I attempted to walk to the door, I was tumbling over my own feet. I glanced around the room before leaving – making sure I hadn't left any evidence of my presence behind. I glared at the metal cabinet I hoped to never see again, it had potted plants either side which helped shield my body, I legitimately have no idea how I fit behind it unnoticeably but I was grateful for it. I almost swan dived under the desk but I knew there was a chance he could sit down and he would immediately notice me, I was glad I spotted the cabinet with less than a second to spare, the only other option would be to jump out the window and that was definite no.

Before I replayed the scene anymore in my head, I whipped the door open and ran, literally sprinted down the corridors, ignoring the peculiar stares I was receiving. I ran out the building, into the brisk wind and all the way back home, where I knew I was safe. And then I collapsed on the sofa, my heart beating violently against my chest, sweat pouring off my face and legs tingling so much it was painful but I was safe, for the moment.


"The elevator in this place is cursed," I huffed whilst I readjusted the plastic bag handles gripped uncomfortably tight in my hands. Only ever when I desperately need the lift in operating working order is it broken. It's typical Scarlett luck.

"Exercise never did anyone any harm," Kendall hummed as she charged up the stairs ahead of me, barely breaking a sweat whereas I needed an oxygen tank and a sweat towel the size of my flat. Since my fridge was barely stocked and the cupboards were looking a little empty Kendall forced me off my comfy position on the sofa, which I had been moulding for the past two days, to go food shopping.

I had filled Kendall in on all the recent events, Damian's evil mind and the all the juicy details. Luckily no paparazzi creatures were in sight today, I really didn't want Damian to know I was with Kendall because he'd eventually dig into her past and discover who her dad was. The drama I had on my plate was enough to feed a starving family already.

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