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The same hair, the same eye color, the same face, the same everything. Nothing differentiated us. My twin sister Leah and I sat next to each other at a circular wooden table in front of Ms. Dumille, Virginia's own locally famous tarot card reader and psychic. People would travel hundreds of miles just to get their cards read and fortunes told by her. She was said to be the most accurate psychic around. She'd been reading fortunes for the small town of Outland, Virginia since our parents were our age, maybe even longer.

She was an older woman, maybe in her eighties or nineties. Her pale wrinkled skin was rough textured, her messy gray hair was in a long braided ponytail that hung over her right shoulder, and she was wearing a beige night gown with a black shawl wrapped around her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes were focused on the deck of tarot cards that she shuffled in her frail wrinkled hands. She dealt the cards into four rows of four before shutting her eyes. She then put her hands on her temples and began to rub in a circular motion while she chanted something in a language that I had never heard before.

Leah looked at me with a smirk of disbelief.

The thing with Leah and I was that even though we were the same in alot of ways, we were also very different. Growing up, we'd spent all of our time together and told each other everything. I don't think we'd ever spent more than an hour at a time away from each other. She was the yin to my yang, the night to my day, my everything, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. We looked and acted so much alike that even our parents would mix us up from time to time.

We were also different though. For example, I believed in psychics and the unknown while she was a total skeptic, which is why only I was getting my fortune read today, while she just sat next to me observing doubtfully.

Ms. Dumille removed her hands from her temples and very slowly proceeded to open her eyes.

My jaw dropped in shock. Her dark brown eyes had turned completely white, not a pupil or iris to be seen. I looked over at Leah whose face said it all; she was bored and uninterested, she hadn't even been phased by what had just happened. My twin vibes were telling me that she thought that it was some kind of trick, but I could tell that this was the real deal.

Ms. Dumille flipped over the first card without even looking at it. Instead she kept her vision focused straight ahead.

The card had had a girl on it who was slightly smiling; she was standing completely naked with her hands gracefully covering her private areas and she was surrounded by a beautiful forest of trees and land, but if you looked at the ground beneath her, there was a serpent that appeared to be coming her way.

"Eve from the beginning times..." Ms. Dumille said in her husky sluggish voice without blinking, and still staring straight ahead. "... A representation of innocence, youth, curiosity, feminism, and love..." She slowly cocked her head to one side still staring ahead into nothing. "... But it also represents naivety, gullibility, fatuity, disobedience, and heedlessness." Her sluggish voice dragged out each word.