BONUS CHAPTER: When Cade Met Ana (His POV)

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Author's Note: Since completing THE PIRATE KING AND I, many of my readers have asked me to write a story from Captain Alestair "Cade" Kincade's point-of-view. I didn't consider it seriously until Kelly-Anne Blount invited me to be part of the Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition. So, following in the footsteps of Stephenie Meyer (remember MIDNIGHT SUN?) and EL James (GREY just came out in June 2015), I decided to take a stab at retelling the meeting between Ana – the seventeen year-old servant girl mistakenly kidnapped instead of her wealthy mistress – and Captain Kincade – the dashing privateer with secrets of his own – from his perspective. Please do let me know how you like it!

* * *

Cade's POV of Chapter 2

I've been pacing up and down on this second-floor walkway for so long, I've made myself dizzy. Not sleeping more than a few hours in the three nights my second-in-command has been gone hasn't helped my current state, either. After rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, I stop, grab the railings with both hands, and peer down.

The tavern is full, as usual. The officers from the various ships – military, merchant, as well as privateer – docked nearby fancy this place the most out of all the others on the small, Caribbean island. No doubt it's thanks to its top-notch selection of not only rum, but also girls. Several of these maidens try to get my attention, winking and waving at me, but I avoid their gaze. There's only one girl I'm interested in tonight, and according to the lookout who spotted the ship off the horizon, she should be here within the hour.

"Vhy don't yu' join ze fun, lieveling?" A silky voice with a distinct, Northern European accent coos from behind me.

Turning my head, I smile at the busty blonde carrying a tray with a bottle and two cups. "Not tonight, Agneta."

She nods all-knowingly and steps closer. Adjusting my jacket's lapel with her free hand, she seductively licks her lips. "Ah. Yu' verking, Kapitein?"

I stroke my beard to keep from laughing. She's being unusually persistent; the woman knows I'm not open to games when I'm chasing a bounty.

"Aye. But I could use a drink." I glance at the amber-colored liquid in the glass vessel. "Care to join me?"

Her eyes widen and she nods, before heading straight to my chambers a few doors down. I follow, trying my damnedest to keep my own eyes focused upwards, but her swaying derrière occasionally catches my attention.

We enter the dark room, the only light coming from the fireplace. Agneta puts down her tray and pours the liquor, while I unsheathe my weapons and lean them against the hearth. After she hands me the drink, we clink cups and down the liquid. Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand, the woman grabs my elbow and pulls me toward the bed.

Easily shaking off her grip, I instead back into a large chair in the shadows and plop myself down. "Next time, love." I sigh, feeling the full effects of both the drink and my weariness.

"Very vell." She pouts, coming toward me and slipping into my lap. "But is dis all right? Yo' don't come for long time. I missed yo', Kapitein Kincade."

I nod and wrap my arms around her waist, while she places her head on my shoulder. Closing my eyes for a moment, I internally scold myself for lying to her. There will be no next time. Not if Smythe's been successful.

A knock on the door makes me stir, and Agneta gently touches my face. "Yo' want me to send zem away? Let yo' sleep more?"

Before I can protest, the door opens, letting in the faint sound of piano music from downstairs. A tall, long-haired girl in an oversized coat hesitantly enters, and in the background, I catch a glimpse of my Quartermaster before he pulls the door shut again.

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