Family day

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Hope's POV

I woke up the next morning and did my normal routine and head downstairs. I noticed Jason wasn't in bed and that was weird because everyone knows he is no morning person. I walk in the kitchen to him dancing and cooking breakfast the girls are awake sitting at the bar laughing so I stood there just thinking how absolutely amazing this man was not only an amazing fiancée but a absolutely amazing father. We only had today left with the girls before they be going back with their mom and then the weekend before Jason would be back on the road and the fame would be back with us. I stood there for a few more minutes watching them before sneaking behind Jason and hugging him. "Good morning my sexy cowboy." I said. "Good morning to you beautiful." He said leaning over and kissing me. "It smells so good in here." I said. "Would you like some eggs bacon toast?" Jason said with his sexy voice " Yes, I would." I said smiling. I helped Jason make the plates for the girls and then we made our plates we all finished eating and the girls ran to go get ready for our family fun day. I sat at the table finishing up my cappuccino when Jason looked at me. "What's wrong?" He asked me. "I haven't yet told my mom about the baby or anyone else and they need to know." I said tears felling my eyes. "You don't have to tell them til you are ready." Jason said. "I know but the last thing we need is for them to ask, I think I'll go call my mom and talk to her." I said standing up. "I'll be in here if you need me." Jason said standing up and kissing me. I walked to the living room and taking a deep breath I called my mom.

Conversion between us. The phone rang a few times and she answered.
"Hey mom" "Hey Hope, how are you?" "Well, this is kinda the reason I called as much as I hate it that I have to call you and tell you but I know you should find out now." "Hope, what's wrong?" "Well yesterday I went to the hospital after being hit in my stomach they took test and I lost the baby." "Omg Hope are you okay?" "I've been upset alot lately since it happen Jason has been here for me through this and I think God for that." "I know its hard but keep your head up and when you feel like its right then you can always try again." "Alright mom I'm going to get off here me and Jason are spending time with the girls before they get picked up tomorrow." "Alright keep me updated of how you are doing, I love you." "Love you too." we hung up. I sat on the couch for a few to catch my thoughts. Its been rough for myself and Jason but I knew that we would be able to get through this together our love was stronger than anything and I was going to show that too.

I joined Jason in the kitchen. "How things go with your mom?" Jason asked "It was fine just feel bad that I had to tell her over the phone." I said. "I know Babe, it will get easier it will just take time. "Jason said. "I know and I'm very lucky to have you here with me." I said. "Babygirl I'll always be here for you and that is a promise." He said giving me a kiss.

When I got back in there the girls were ready and waiting for us. Jason and I got ready and we headed out the door, the day consisted of shopping, going out to eat, going to the zoo, then to wind the day off was ordered pizza watching movies and just relaxing and spending the last but of time with the girls. We all set on the couch watching movies and it became late and we all fell asleep in the loving room.

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