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Fighting for what's right. For your beliefs. Blood soaking the ground and gun powder blackening the skies. Dirt and bodies flying through the air. It doesn't look like the devastation will ever end. The innocents don't always make it out in one piece. Men fight wars with weapons of metal, impure. This is not fighting. This is pulling a trigger. This is looking at a computer screen. This is a game. This is not real fighting. People are dying in a game played by men who don't even bother to get their hands dirty. They let everyone else do the fighting and the sacrificing for them. War is meaningless and painful. Its painful for the people for are involved and the people who are waiting for you to come back home. They don't know if they will ever see you again. War changes everyone. But this change is not for the better of everyone. I'm not saying that you shouldn't fight for your beliefs. I'm simply saying there are less violent ways for a person to go about it. Our history was created on the bodies of other people. Their sacrifices, whether it was voluntary or not, made all of us who we are today. Think about that before you go and start a fight with someone over something that they said. People are fighting and dying for their rights and beliefs, while others pick fights over something that someone had said that they didn't like. Think before you act.

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