Chapter Tris (6)

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Tris POV:

I wake up to the birds tweeting in the tree's, the sun shining through the curtains and Uriah snoring.
I look at the clock next to me and see that it is 8 am, pretty early for us but we want to do as much as we can in Amity, I slowly and carefully get out of bed, trying not to wake Uriah and make my way to Verity's room in the hotel, to see her standing up in the crib.

"Hi baby,"

"Hiya!!" She sounds happy, like she just got the best sleep in her entire life and dreamt about Dauntless Cake and unicorns. Probably did, she is Tobias's child.

Tobias's child. Not Uriah's. Tobias's. I wish she was Uriah's... He loves her like his own and she loves him, like he is her dad.

"Are you excited for another day?"

She nods and giggles loudly, I lift her out of the crib and take her to the bathroom, fill the bath up and put her in it, washing her hair and body.

I get her out and dry her off with a towel, taking her back to her room and dress her in a blue and white dress, it has a blue top and a white puffy skirt, her white sandals and a light pink bow in her lovely, soft hair.

I hand her the pink unicorn she sleeps with every night and take her to the small living room we have and stick her in front of the TV, putting on an old TV program she likes called 'Peppa Pig' (AN: Me and my brother loved that when we were younger!) And go back to the bedroom where Uriah is probably still sleeping.

When I go in the bedroom, Uriah is in a starfish position, taking up the whole bed, I stiffle a laugh and go get a jug of freezing cold water then pour it all over him.

He jumps up and glares at me.

"Good Morning, sleeping beauty,"

He smirks and pulls me onto him, getting me wet with the water, I'm glad I still have to get dressed...

"Morning Trissypoo, what shall we do today?"

"Go strawberry picking? Something easy for Verity to do, and us,"

He nods, and lets go of me, getting out of bed.

"Keep an eye on Verity Uri, I'm gonna get a shower, then you can after me," I kiss his cheek and go to the bathroom while he goes to the living to watch Verity.

Uriah POV:

I make my way into the living room where Verity sits on the floor in a lovely blue and white dress, white sandals and a pink bow in her hair watching Peppa Pig and hugging her unicorn.

She hears me walk in and looks at me, "Dada!!" She gets up and sort of runs/sort of waddles to me, leaving the unicorn on the floor.

I pick her up and spin her around, she laughs.

"Morning baby girl!"
"Mow-Ning!!!" she yells back.
"Guess what we're doing today?"
"What?" she asks, excitedly.
"Strawberry picking."

I take her to the kitchen and start making breakfast. Dauntless Cake Pancakes.

"Hey Ver Ver, how about Dauntless Cake Pancakes?"

She nods her head so fast it could fall off her head!

I hear the shower turn off and Tris soon walking out to the bedroom.

20 minutes later Tris comes out of the bedroom as Verity is eating her pancakes, in a lovely pink dress down to her ankles, white sandals, a white pendant, her hair in a bun, a flower crown on her head and some pink bangles.

She looks beautiful. With no makeup. Beautiful.

And we get on with our day in Amity. Picking Strawberries and teaching Verity how to swim again.

Hey guys Charlotte here.
I just want to put this out there that this book will be an URIS fanfiction.
Me and and Emilee both agreed that everyone does a FourTris fanfiction and we just wanted to do something different because we are Divergent! Also, sorry about the long wait, please don't kill us! We're back at school so we have to kind of get on top of that before anything else and Wattpad keeps glitch ing so we can't add another chapter but we will as soon as we can.

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