He Prefers Your Twin Part One

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Y/N = your name

Calum (you're ten)

"Hey Cal?" You asked, walking into his room. "Could you help me with my maths homework? I don't get it-"

"Shush!" He snapped. "I don't care! You're honestly so stupid. Go ask Mona! She's actually smart!"

You dropped your books to the floor, stunned that he would even talk to you like that.

"Oh, great. Now you've made a mess!" He scowled, looking at your papers spread out on his floor, scattered messily. "Get out!"

Mona wandered into the room. She had clearly heard everything, as she shot you a smirk.

"Cal, could you help me with my maths homework?" Mona smirked.

"Sure Mona." He grinned softly at her. "What do you need help with?"

"B-but Cal...?" You said sadly.

"Go away! We don't like you Y/N" Mona teased.

"Seriously Y/N. Go away." Calum joined in.

"WELL I'M SORRY FOR BEING SO STUPID CALUM!!" You yelled, turning away and running off, out the front door and to the park.

Ashton (you're twelve)

"Ashy." You laughed. "Can you play Tag with me?"

"No." He said, not even looking up from his phone.

"Ash, will you play Tag with me?" Alison said, winking at you.

"Of course baby girl." He said, putting his phone down.

"Can I play?" You asked.

"No. Go away Y/N." Alison snapped.

"Ashton...?" You said, expecting him to defend you.

"Go have your own fun Y/N. You're annoying." You bit your lip to stop from crying. You ran upstairs, tripping over and twisting your ankle in a different angle as you did.

"Ash! H-help!" You hiccuped, crying.

"No! Honest to god, grow up!" He groaned.

You cried, grabbing his key off the table. You unlocked the door and limped out, hating your brother so much.

Luke (you're 16)

You were seated on the couch in the living room, watching The Lorax.

"Turn off this babyish crap." Carly snarled, walking into the room.

"No I'm-" You were cut off by her turning off the TV. "Hey!"

She walked up to you and hit you in the arm.

"Grow up, honestly Y/N. The Lorax is for babies." She said rudely.

You hit her back, just as Luke came downstairs.

"Y/N! Why did you just hit Carly?!" He said angrily.

"She hit me firs-" once again you were interrupted by Carly, but it was her bursting into tears.

"I did not! It hurts Lukey!" She cried. And she called you a baby.

"Shut up, honestly-" you began to snap, but another interruption stopped you.

"Y/N, you shut up. You've just hurt Carly, say sorry!" He told you off.

"But I-" and another interruption.

"Say. Sorry." He spat through gritted teeth.

"No! Luke she hit me first!" You protested.

"Y/N!! Stop being a little bitch and fucking apologise!" He yelled. "You know what! This is why I like Carly better! You're just a waste of space and I wish you were never born!"

Shock took over your features, as tears streamed down your face.

"Luke.." You said weakly.

"Leave." He said, avoiding eye contact with you. And so you did, you left.

Michael (you're fifteen)

"Can we please get the cat? Please Michael!" Mary begged your older brother.

"Fine." He smiled.

"But Mike, I'm deathly allergic to cats-" you began.

"I don't care. If Mary is happy, we're all happy. We're getting the god damned cat." He snarled.


"We are getting the cat!"

"I could die!" You screamed at him, biting your lip to stop from crying.

"I don't care!" He screamed back. "I never even cared about you anyway! In fact, I've always hated you Y/N. Why are you always so annoying! We're getting the cat and I don't even care if you die."

"Fine then!" You cried. "Maybe I will go and die!"

"Fine!" He yelled back.

You sprinted out the house, and lay down in the middle of the road, hoping this would make him happy.

First chapter and I'm sad. There will be about two to three parts of this one so yeah. Hope you enjoy 😘


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