First and Last Cup

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It all started with the cup of coffee. I was sitting in front of the glass wall where I can see everything that happens outside.

I saw you approaching the coffee shop and you stopped by exactly in front of me to talk to the boy who was actually a panhandler. I leaned forward thinking that you were his older brother. 'Darn! That kid has an older brother?' I thought. But I focused my eyes on you. You looked nice, you dress too well to be his brother then my eyes landed on your hands. You were holding a smartphone. Ah! So they're not brothers, I thought.

I stared at your face, trying to read your mouth since I can't hear what you're saying then it hit me. You were asking the little boy to come inside with you, telling him that it's your treat. My heart melted. Seriously melted like a chocolate under the broad sunlight. The kid shook his head.

You glanced at me and I felt embarassed, thinking that maybe you noticed my stares, and you asked him once again. "You really don't want to go inside?" Maybe I have a talent in reading mouths. I laughed mentally.

You walked inside the coffee shop and I decided to stop following you with my stares, I don't want you to think that I'm a creep or something.

I continued drinking my coffee jelly as I talk to my friend.

I thought you would stay inside but no, you didn't. You went outside with your iced coffee and I was so surprised when you gave the kid a chocolate drink. My heart evaporated.

I didn't know that there are still people like you in this world who would care about panhandlers. You glanced at me again before smiling at the little boy. Did you feel awkward because I was watching you? If you did, sorry then.

I thought you'd leave after that but again, you didn't. My thoughts are all wrong. You sat on a chair next to the kid and talked to him. You were smiling, your eyes looked so cute and I can't take my eyes off of them but I had to. I'm afraid that you'd leave because I was staring too much.

I was looking at the other things, making sure that I could still see you through my peripheral.

You face is so foreign so I don't think you're pure Filipino, maybe half? I'm not sure.

I stayed there for one more hour even though the jellies are the only ones remaining in my cup. I talked to my friend as you talked to the kid. I told my friend that I want to end up with a guy like you, and she said, "Who knows? Maybe he's the one."

But no, I am certain that this is going to be my first and last cup while staring at you. We won't see each other again because this is just an ordinary day, and it just happened that I saw you and you saw me.

I saw the name written on your cup, 'Ala'. You're not Filipino then? I looked away after making sure that it was really Ala. I'm not sure if it's your real name or maybe it was just a pseudoname or a nickname, maybe?

A girl who was outside, smoking a cigarette talked to you. I tried to ignore it, who cares? You talked for quite some time, you even laughed and smiled at her, and I sat up straight when you shook hands. Damn. That was fast. The next thing I knew, you were already holding her phone. Are you saving your number? I hate her. How can she do that and I can't?

She was about to go inside the coffee shop but she went back to you and asked something. Shit. I want to know what you two are talking about. Are you going to meet again or something?

And why am I doing this? I was just glad at what you did but no, no feelings attached. I can't like you nor love you because this is going to be the first and last time that I will see you. There's no guarantee that you live around here, you're not even wearing a uniform. Who knows if you're still studying?

The girl smiled at you and you returned it before she went inside. You conversed with the boy again. Why are you so curious about the little boy? Why are you even that kind?

I talked and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked to my friend. We actually thought that you're going to leave because you grabbed your phone from the table and my thought tricked me again because you didn't.

Another friend of mine arrived and I told her about what you did. She was just staring blankly at me and I pouted, "Isn't that a turn on? Darn." I asked her and she retorted, "That was a turn on but aren't you falling too fast?"

I blinked twice, the smile from my face banished. I leaned my back on the seat. She was right but I am not falling in love, am I? No. I laughed at her and shook my head, "I'm not falling in love! Darn it! This is going to be the last time I'll see him so no. Stop over thinking, okay? I just liked what he did."

I glanced at you again, and they did too. You were smiling for the nth time that moment and you know what they said?

"He looks so hot with that smile."

I just giggled at them and said, "I know right" before I can even stop myself.

You stood, muttered something I can't read to the boy and the boy nodded. So you're going to leave?

And no.

Not yet.

You opened the door of the coffee shop and headed to the counter. Don't tell me he's going to buy something again for the kid? There's nothing wrong with that, okay? I was just amazed by how kind you are that you are willing to spend your money for someone you don't know. You're kind not just because you spent money but hey, not everyone does that these days.

You fell in line and I waited until you pass in front of the glass wall. You bought a bottle of water so I thought again that maybe it was yours, my eyes followed you again until you pass by the glass wall where I was facing and you glanced at me again. I want to smile at you but I can't, I'm afraid that you won't smile back although I think you will. It's just that the prideful side won so I did not.

You turned right, and because the coffee shop's walls are all glasses, I saw where you went and what you did.

You gave the bottled water to the kid with your eyes smiling, you headed to the parking lot at the back of the coffee shop but the kid called you and I assumed that the boy thanked you. You looked back at him and smiled again before waving goodbye.

And that was the last time I saw you.

But I thought wrong.

I was frozen on my spot, you were walking inside the university, wearing the guys' uniform. Shit.

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