My New Reality~Zayn Malik Story~

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    "No, Please don't do this!"

        15 year old Cheyenne begged as the men strapped her down to the cold metal chair that sat in the basement of the hospital.  The room was dark, not to mention cold,  and she was pretty sure she saw a few rats run across the back wall, but the condition of the room was the least of her worries at the moment.  The problem that was at the forefront of the young girls mind was her current situation. She knew she could struggle and beg all she wanted and nobody was going to help her.  She knew her fate was inevitable, but she tried anyways.

        She had heard the rumours, they all had, but it wasn't until this day that she realised just how true those rumours were.

        Cheyenne lived in a middle to upper class family.  They were well off when it came to money, never having to worry about whether or not they were going to be able to put a hot meal on the table every night.  So when the men in suits knocked on her door telling her family that they had been observing their daughter and wanted to have her in trade for a very large sum of money she never thought they would actually agree.  She cried and begged for them not to take her, to not turn her into one of them

        She called out to her parents begging them to keep her, but they didn't reply.  In fact they didn't even spare their only daughter a glance, their attention was focused completely on the very large check that was just placed in their hands.  Cheyenne could only cry in terror as she watched her parents turn to go inside, closing the door behind them.

        Back in the cold basement Cheyenne continued to cry as she was left alone strapped into the hard metal chair.  She only struggled harder as an older man dressed in a white lab coat walked in to the room carrying a rather large syringe in his hands.  Pulling over a stool he sat down in front of the hysterical girl.  He grabbed hold of her right arm which was strapped down to the arm of the chair by a metal strap.  Holding onto her wrist tightly as to prevent movement he reached down to grab the syringe off the small table it had been set on.  Knowing this was her last chance she struggled as hard as humanly possible to be set free of the restraints only to have the man hold he arm tighter.

    "Please stop struggling.  It will be easier for the both of us."  The man stated, speaking for the first time since he walked into the room.

    Cheyenne winced and struggled as she felt the needle being plunged inside her.  It was almost as if a wave of calm had covered her as she felt the liquid rushing through her veins.  All good things must come to an end though, and within a minute of being injected a searing pain, resembling flames of a fire, started making its way through the young girls head and lower back.  The girl screamed louder than ever before arching her back as far off the chair as she could trying to find some form of relief.  The whole ordeal seemed to be to much for her as she passed out from the pain.  Smiling down with an almost evil grin at the young girl that was still twitching even in her sleep,  the man unhooked the straps, picked up the girl, and carried her up the stairwell with him to a fate that no one should ever have to endure.

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