Hermiones POV

I arrived outside of the room at 10 to 11 when the blonde pureblood arrived, his silver eyes were bloodshot and he way shaking slightly. 

"What is wrong, Draco?" I asked, trying to sound ruthless, although it wasn't working. 

"Shut up and lets get on with the writing, Granger." Draco snapped at me. I nodded and started writing, every now and then he would replace a common word for a more sophisticated version or complain for me to neaten my handwriting. By the end of it we had a well written letter sounding like it come from a rich spoilt pure blood. Well it did, if Draco helping counted. We had spent hardly any time writing it and I still had time to kill. 

"What do you think her reply would be?" I asked the miserable boy. He bite his lip, and I am not going to lie he did look good. I wouldn't deny him being good looking but he still isn't... Worthy. 

"I honestly don't know, maybe she'll just want to meet you or something." Draco mumbled. I nodded in agreement and he didn't seem to want to leave either. 

"Don't make me go back to Slytherin dorms." Draco whispered. I suddenly felt more pity for him than before, his starry eyes watering over the candle light. I looked at him questioning whatever could be wrong, he was a popular boy and loyal to his friends. "I got the mark earlier." he began almost tearing up already, "They'll want to admire it, and I despise it. I don't want it, Granger." He cried into his hands. I felt myself shudder at the use of my own name. I had no idea, all I knew is that he was in a state of depression and he trusted me enough to tell me about his mark. I knew we were talking but I did not know we were like this. 

"Why on earth do you trust me?" I breathed.

"I would have befriended you many years ago if it wasn't for my families beliefs on blood status. I admire your intelligence and bravery quite a bit." He murmured, still slightly crying. His hands were shaking and you could see the glimpse of the dark mark from beneath his damp shirt. 

"You don't need to do everything Voldemort says, Draco! He is pretty damn weak if you ask me. You don't need to do anything."

"I do" He quivered "I need to kill Dumbledore" His voice cracked. 

I breathed heavily in shock. Did he really feel that pressured? Does he really have the right amount of dark in him to kill Dumbledore? Did he attempt to resist the mark? Because we all know that'll never end well. "I am sorry, Granger. I should leave" He coughed out awkwardly.

"No. You stay here until you are comfortable going back." I blurted. I felt bad, like I was befriending the enemy but when he looked up to see if I was taking him seriously, I knew even bullies have a hard time. I have had a more stable past than him, and I am some adopted girl sitting here with my worse enemy trying to figure out what to do next! 

"I don't think I ever will." he whispered. 

"You need to see Dumbledore about this, Draco, its abuse! They don't have the right to force you to kill Dumbledore"

"What are you supposed to do when you were standing in front of the dark lord and he is threatening you with your families life! For fuck sake, Granger, you may have a heart like a lion but I don't!" He screeched. "Merlins beard!" He shouted with anger. 

"Draco! Be quiet, you'll wake someone up!" He suddenly stopped and walked over to the books when suddenly the same black owl glided in the room elegantly. We both gasped at how quick it returned as I carefully untied the string from its foot. 

This time the paper in the envelope was decorated with realistic stars dashed around the edges, slowly smashing in front of their eyes. 

"Miss Granger, 

This is an invitation to a family reunion on the 6th of May. 

This letter will allow yourself and a guest to pass through the floo network and arrive at the address below. I appreciate formal attire." Draco read slowly in a croaky voice, as if I was unable to read it myself. 

"Well, merlins beard, Granger, looks like you have a party to attend." He croaked, still upset from his earlier breakdown. I still couldn't comprehend my emotions, I was surprised, excited and terrified at the same time. 

"Youre coming with me, Malfoy!" 

He blinked slowly. 

"I am probably invited anyway, fucking hell, its a family reunion, Malfoys are close to the Notts, I will be there anyway. Theodore, as well, for that sake." he said casually, "Hermione Nott sounds a bit odd, no offence." 

"Malfoy! Not the time!" I shouted, although I was relieved he had calmed down. "Well, who am I going to bring as a guest, in that case?" 

"Its up to you, don't bring Weasley or Potter though. What about the Weaslette?" Draco contemplated aloud as if we had been friends for years.

"I am not sure." I said uncertainly. "Are you ready to go to Slytherin yet?" 

"I guess, I will wear long sleeves until everyone gets over it." Draco murmured. 

"Can we meet tomorrow? I need a way to reply to this invitation. Wait, do I need to do that? I am not used to all this!"

"Granger, same time, same place, tomorrow. Don't worry." He said and he stood and got to the library exit.