Aphrodite 2

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*after the second meeting happens and the end of Blood of Olympus*


Poseidon, Athena and Apollo were all listening this time.

"Finally it's about time she gave the boys a break." Athena said thoughtfully

"How long has it been and how much longer will it last?" Poseidon whined
"Time will tell." Apollo answered sitting in his chair.

Athena looked at him and rolled her eyes. She wasn't going to bother to correct him this time.

All of a sudden Aphrodite burst into the room.
"I HAVE IT ALL PLANNED OUT! First whenever caleo lands MONTHS later she leaves and then Leo goes back to camp half blood all sad and piper won't be there so Nico will awkwardly comfort him. Then I will let them remember their first meeting and they get closer and then a week after that solangelo will break up over stupid reasons and then Nico will find his feelings for Leo and TADA VALDANGELO!" She finished
Her eyes looked crazy and her hair was slightly on fire out of excitement.

"I like that idea let's go with that." Athena said

"I'm all for breaking up solangelo!" Poseidon chimed in

"My son has not found the right person and I respect that." Apollo sighed

"GOOD MY PLAN STARTS TOMORROW WHEN THEY LAND YAYY!" Aphrodite then flashed out of the room

Short but gets the point across. Hopefully this story will be cute like I planned it to be. So basically it takes months for Leo to find CHB and when they land Calypso leaves because she never actually loved him it was just the curse. Then the valdangelo journey begins

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