I saw a few police cars drive by and suddenly remembered that guy... Ethan. I wondered how he would react if I died. If he would even care.

Of course he wouldn't he doesn't even know you.

It was still nice to pretend that he would. To pretend I mattered to someone in the world. I started drifting off thinking about Ethan.

He was pretty cute... I wonder...?

Suddenly, I was extremely embarrassed. Of course he wasn't! Were you even allowed to be if you were in a gang? It was pretty clear he was in a gang. I shook off the thoughts and uncomfortably drifted to sleep.

Ethan POV

I couldn't stop smiling when I got to Ace's meeting. He was telling us to hide all of our weapons and drugs because the police would definitely come snooping. A few members of Dominic's gang had died, so Ace was also telling us to be careful around the streets in case anyone came looking for revenge, which would undoubtedly happen. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Daniel.


When the meeting was over, Fox, Chase, and Hank came with me to our apartment to start putting everything out of sight. We hid most of the drugs in the cupboards and some of the hand guns under our mattresses. The extra guns were hidden in the cupboard of our bathroom. We then sat on the floor and turned on our shitty TV and started drinking.

The knock on the door made us all jump and I went to look through the peephole and saw two police officers, both of them men, with their hands on their hips. I quickly turned around and mouthed to the others cops, and they scrambled, hiding the beer cans from sight, because only Chase was old enough to drink. I opened the door when they were done.

"Can I help you?" I asked irritably. They looked at each other unimpressed, then turned back to me.

"There were gunshots heard earlier by nearby residents, and three bodies were found two alleyways away from here. We need to search your apartment."

"Do you have a warrant?" I asked, knowing they didn't. They couldn't get one that quickly, especially not for some random suspects apartment. They looked annoyed.

"Why, do you have something to hide?" The shorter one asked brashly.

"No, but we'd prefer it if you had a warrant." I said, gave them a sarcastic smile, then closed and locked the door. Now we had enough time to hide our weapons and drugs somewhere else if they got a warrant.

"Hey, call Ace we need somewhere to hide our shit." I whispered to Fox, in case the police were still outside listening to us. He nodded. I went and turned the tv volume louder and grabbed my beer. I checked my phone. Daniel hadn't texted me back yet. It had been over an hour, so I was a little worried, and my mind drifted to wondering how he got the bruises and cuts on his face. As I started drifting off, I stumbled over to my mattress and convinced myself that the reason he hadn't replied was probably cause he'd fallen asleep before me. Which would be weird since I texted him around 7 and would mean he'd went to sleep before then.

Whatever, just go to sleep.

The next morning I was rudely woken up by Hank.

"Hey, Ace wants us to come over he's gonna tell us where to ditch our shit."

I grumbled nonsense back at him and tried waking up.

Once I was fully awake, we went over to one of Ace's apartments which he shared with no one else, and he told us to hide our guns and drugs in his other apartment, where he had a trapdoor under his rug with a ladder. He was the only one with the key, and it was almost impossible to break the door, so it was pretty safe.

We made a plan to bring our stuff later that day, but felt a little uneasy. Without the drugs would be okay, but without our guns we would feel very exposed and defenseless. We still carried small pocketknives though, but we were still uncomfortable with the situation.

After our meeting with Ace, I decided to go get more beer at the liquor store, we needed to restock. They didn't ID me at the nearest one, so I made my way over there.

Daniel POV

I woke up to the freezing cold morning temperature after a night of restless sleep. My face was throbbing from yesterday and I had a headache, probably from sleeping on nothing but my jacket. I sat up and saw a homeless guy around thirty, sitting not too far away.

"Hey!" I half whispered half shouted at him, and waved him over. He looked annoyed but came over anyway.

"If I gave you twenty dollars would you buy me a case of beer? You can keep the change." I held out my money and he shrugged, taking it and going inside the liquor store.

He came out five minutes later and gave me my case of beer. I thanked him and gave him one. I hadn't ever had beer before, but I had to kill some time before going back home. I popped open the first one and took a sip. It was bad and bitter. I kept drinking it, and before I knew it, I was almost done with my third can. Everything was funny to me for some reason and I was laughing at people walking down the street, who looked at me in concern or disregard, and kept walking.

I checked my phone and saw a text from Ethan.


I laughed out loud at that one for a solid three minutes.

I really had to pee by my fourth can, so I trudged behind the liquor store and did in the bushes. I then walked back and finished my fourth can. I was starting to feel dizzy and nauseas on my fifth, so I stopped for a short time. It was the last one since I gave my sixth to the homeless guy, and when the nausea was gone I chugged it down, feeling accomplished that I had finished all of them.

I felt sick and dizzy as I got up to throw the cans away. When I went back to sitting against the wall, I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but my nausea wouldn't let me. I felt like shit. Even when I opened my eyes my vision was a little blurry.

"Daniel?" I opened my eyes, squinting into the sun.

Is that... Ethan?

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