Hey guys! Oh my goodness, summer break is almost over! I start school again on August 24. I can't believe I'm gonna be a Junior already, like next year I'll be a Senior. That's crazy. Time is flying by mad fast.

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Now, with the story. Enjoy Chapter 11! :)



I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I quickly took out my phone and looked down at the screen. Derek's name appeared on the screen. I smiled before answering the phone.

"Well hello, big brother."

"Ana? Anabelle where are you?"

I stopped in my tracks. He never called me by first name unless something serious happened. He only calls me Belle.

"I'm leaving the mall. Derek, what's wrong?"

"Anabelle, it's dad."

My heart stopped.

"What about him? Is he okay?"


There was silence.

"Derek!? What happened!"

"The hospital called me. Anabelle, he had a heart attack."



*Anabelle's POV*

I couldn't believe what I just heard.

This was not happening, I have to be dreaming.

"Anabelle, are you still there?"

I didn't answer.

My eyes filled up with tears.

"Ana, are you okay? What's going on?" Lianne asked, concern lacing through her words.

"Anabelle, answer me!"

"Derek, what hospital is he in?" I quickly asked him, as a tear made its way down my cheek.

"I'm at Bridgeport Hospital. Meet me there." The line went dead after that.

"Ana what's goi-"

"My father is in the hospital and I need you to take me there, I don't need you to speak, I just need you to drive! Can you do that?" I quickly snapped at her. I didn't mean to snap at her. Not only was I really upset, but my pregnancy hormones were raging through the roof.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, uh lets go."

We rushed to the car, quickly getting in as soon as Lianne unlocked the doors. She started the car and pulled out of the parking spot, driving towards the hospital.

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