Chapter Five ~ Recallment

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"Rise 'n shiiiiiine!" My eyes had snapped open before the lights flicked on. I allowed a half dressed Aisa to bound on me. I figured it wouldn't do any good if he started asking questions such as, "When mommy comes back will she be able to move as fast as Cashile when I tackle her!?"

I groaned as I let his body flatten over mine perpendicularly.

It was 5:30 am. "Why are you up?" I asked groggily, smashing a pillow into my face, tired and irritated. Sure, I didn't get any real sleep when I was a Claw, but now that I had the opportunity to sleep I wanted to take it.

"I thought I could spend some time with you before class! You know I'm graduating soon, right right right? You'll come to my graduation, rigghhhhht?"

The heavy weight is lifted off of me. "Aisa, stop bothering Cashile. She had a long night," Aiden lectured, coming to my rescue. He looked at me, eyes softening. "A long, long night."

It's true, I did. I spent half the night explaining to Aiden (not in detail) about the Rising Phoenix and what had happened to me. He ended up giving me the bed and napping on the couch last night, quite chivalrous if you ask me, although the couch would have been more than enough. But hey, I'm not turning down a bed.

Then again, this was my apartment. My old bed. Huh. Why did I have a bed? I usually either didn't sleep or ended up crashing on my comfortable leather sofa. Now that I think about it, it was rather silly to have Aiden sleep on the couch when, in all honesty, I would rather sleep there.

We still had to discuss living arrangements. It would all be very complicated now, thanks to my declared death. I do suppose Aiden and Aisa are better than coming back to some old geezer living here.

"Aw, Nii-chan!!" Aisa protested.

I pushed off the blanket and tied my choppy hair in a low pony tail behind my head.

"What are you doing?" Aiden asked, "You know you don't have to listen to him, right? He's just really excited that you're back." His grin disappeared and worry replaced the light in his eyes. He reached forward and touched my bruised jaw. I suppressed an eye roll and let him.

"It's fine," I stated. I knew he was beating himself up for it. "And besides," I continued, "You have other things to worry about."

This time I smirked. "Such as where you're going to live now that I'm back from the dead. I'll be taking my stuff back."

Oh yes, the perfect thing to discuss bright and early in the morning.

He grinned, shaking his head. "Nope, sorry. You left everything to me. It's not my fault that you came back from the dead."

My jaw dropped. He was refusing to give me back my property and life savings?

Part of me felt intrigued. That was not part of my predictions for the future.

I straightened my back. "So, what am I going to do? Without any of my money and my apartment which was given to me by the third hokage?" I asked in a challenging manner.

He smirked. "You're problem, not mine."

I was ready to kick his ass out of the apartment when his smirk turned into a cocky grin. "Relax, I'm kidding. I'm sure our kind can co-exist in harmony while we figure something out." He laughed, a twinkle sparkling in his eyes.

A look I've only seen in him when he looks at Aisa. Huh, perhaps it was just my imagination.

"What exactly is 'our kind'? You speak as if we're different creatures altogether." I said, narrowing my eyes playfully.

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