A First World Problem: Avoiding an Angry Annabeth

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Those two are so dead.

They've gone and captured two agents of the government. The GOVERNMENT, for gods' sake.

I might just ask Nico if he could raise them from the dead so I could kill them again.


"Annabeth, um, the archer one's awake." One of the accused said to me, rubbing the back of his neck timidly. As much as I wanted to kiss--ahem, I mean kill--that boy right now, he still volunteered to keep an eye on the prisoners he took.

"Thanks, Percy. I will go question them if you go and help Jason paint the Aphrodite cabin."

Percy groaned, but trudged off and did it anyway while I went to go check up on our captives.


"Ahh, I was told that someone by the name of Annabeth was going to see what I'm here for." The blonde, an archer, by his bow and arrow that were confiscated, said, smirking.

I rolled my eyes and glared angrily at him. He flinched. "I am Annabeth, and now who are you?"

"Hawkeye." He mumbled.

"Your name, please."

"That is my name!" Blondie said indignantly.

"No, it is not. Your actual, birth name please."

The redhead beside him snorted. I had thought she was sleeping. "He's Agent Clint Barton, of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm Agent Natasha Romanov, also of S.H.I.E.L.D. We're also both Avengers." She said, giving me a smirk.

I glared at her too, and her smirk faded. "Why are you at my camp?" I demanded.

They both shrugged, feigning innocence. "We thought the strawberries looked delicious." Barton said.

Just then a green-eyed, pink haired, son of Poseidon walked into the room. He scowled at the captives and smiled at me.

"Done with Cabin 10.  Can I help you scare our guests?" He asked, his lopsided smile starting to give me a warm feeling inside.

"Sure. Clint Barton and Natasha Romanov, agents of some government branch by the name of SHIELD."

"We're also Avengers. You're looking at Hawkeye and Black Widow, two of Earth's mightiest heroes." Barton said.

Percy looked confused. "What are the Avengers?"

I was just as clueless when they mentioned that name. Though it did sound familiar....TV maybe?

"We're a team of extremely skilled people who protect the Earth from evil."

One look at Percy and we both started cracking up.

"Ex-extremely skilled?" I managed to choke out.

"Remind you of anything?" He chuckled.

The agents looked extremely confused. Finally the redhead had enough. "I don't get why you guys find that funny. We saved your butts from being slaves to the Chit'tauri."

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