Zayn malik Imagine

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this is my first imagine hope you like it

Imagine you where Zayn s girlfriend and you guys where both happy and even the fans they gave you two a name(mash up y

with his) although there were few of them who didn’t like you and were sending you hate 

You had a school dancing competition, and Zayn was helping you with the dance although he isn’t much of a dancer, but you thought that it was cute and it’s the thought that counts.

Then came that day the day that everything changed. When management wanted to do a meeting with you Zayn and the rest of the boys.

You went to the meeting not knowing the reason. When you and the boys entered the room you sat on the chairs .You sat next to Zayn, then management started to tell you the reason of that meeting. The reason for thatmeeting was they wanted you and Zayn to break up. When you heard the news your eyes widened and you grabbed Zayn’s hand and you were squeezing his hand because of the pressure. The boys and management left the room so you could discuss it. Then you heard the words you thought you’d never hear from Zayn . He told that it is better if you two break up you where speechless to his words. When the boys and management came back in the they asked what you were going to do and you told them that you were going to break up. Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam were shocked, then Niall told Zayn “but I thought you cared and loved her” Zayn responded with “I did and I still do” you couldn’t believe your ears you got up and told him “no you don’t or else you would fight for us” with that you left the room and went back home with tears in your eyes

After that you and Zayn didn’t talk for a week. You couldn’t believe he didn’t call or even text you. Why didn’t he stand up for us? Why didn’t he fight for us? Is he already over you? These are the thoughts that were going through your mind, but these thought were suddenly interrupted by your phone vibrate. It was Zayn he told you that he wanted to meet you and to you. Youthought about for a second and replied no I m sorry but I can’t. An hour after you sent the text to Zayn. You heard somebody sing in your backyard you went out to see Zayn singing stole my heart and he had a bouquet of flowers in his hands. When you went closer to Zayn you saw that his eyes were red and you knew he must have been crying. When he finished the song he gave you the flowers and hugged you .He told you I m sorry for night standing up for us I was so stupid I missed you so mu- you cut him off with a passionate kiss it was the best kiss your life .You told him you missed him too and that you forgive him but if he did it again that’s it

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