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This was requested by xX_Owl-City_Xx so I hope you enjoy! I kind of like writing about Nekos.. XD
"But Italy," You whined. "I don't wanna go to the vet." Your ears drooped in displeasure.

"But we have to make sure you're healthy." He said, ushering you into the car.

"But what about you? I haven't seen you go to the doctor in a while." You said as you crossed your arms.

"I only do what's written. And you just made me break the forth wall and now its everywhere." He said and closed the door after you got into the passenger seat.

He got into the driver's seat and started driving to the veterinarian.

You didn't want to go, but Italy was making you.

With your arms crossed, your ears flat, and lips formed in a pout, you watched out the window unhappily.

Soon, both of you got there and Italy dragged you inside while you whined.

Italy got you checked in and you waited on the ground with a humph (since pets aren't aloud in chairs).

Soon, they called your name and you cowered under a seat, tail curled up next to you.

"Come on (y/n) Let's go." Italy said, dragging you out and into the room by your ankles.

With a pout, you brushed your hair out of your face and sat atop the cold metal table on all fours. "I don't see why I have to do this. I'm only part cat anyway."

Your tail swished around slowly

"Si Bella, but you still have cat-like genes."

Pouting, you let the vet look over you.

He checked your ears, teeth, tail, and other things to make sure you were alright.

Italy stood in front of you and started petting you as the vet went out of your line of sight.

Purring, you closed your eyes and pressed your head up into Italy's hand.

The purring soon stopped and you hissed as you felt a prick and stinging in your hip.

Looking back, you see the vet disposing of the needle he just used to inject something in your side.

"Ow, what the heck?" You ears stood tall in alertness and your tail went rigid.

"You have to get your shots Bella." Italy said, still petting you.

"Wait, was that plural?"

You question was answered as you felt another prick above your hip again, making you hiss and bat away the Italian's hand.

"Okay, that was your last one." The vet said, disposing of that one as well.

"Can I go now?" You asked, looking around a bit. Italy nods, helping you down.

He had to sign a few forms and then lead you back to the car.

You were silent the whole way, arms crossed and not looking happy.

Italy started driving home with a worried expression. "Bella, are you okay?"

You stayed silent and when he pulled into the driveway, you started to get out but he grabbed your wrist

"I'm sorry bella, but I want what's best for you because I care about you.."

You looked to him and then smiled a bit. "Thank you Italy.." Leaning over, you hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"You're welcome (y/n)..."

"Now, how about we go inside and make some pasta?" You asked with a smile and step out of the car.

"Viva le pasta!"
Bella = beautiful

I'm sorry, its kinda short.. But I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to request, comment, and vote!

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