"New York is beautiful, I know you'll love it, y/n." Kane stated as he folded clothes and placed them in his suitcase. It was your one year wedding anniversary and as a special gift, Kane was taking you to New York.

"I'm so excited, I've wanted to go for so long." You were ecstatic, you could barely hold in your emotions. Kane laughed as he saw your expression, you were grinning ear to ear. "What?" You laughed.

"You just look so cute when you get all excited." He giggled, staring at you.

"Stop staring at me, Patrick Kane." You blushed. Even though you had been married to Kane for a year, he still made you nervous, he still gave you butterflies. You turned away from him, "You're evil, do you know that?" You giggled.

"No I'm not, you're just adorable when you get all giddy, it's not my fault that I have to stare at the most beautiful women in the world." He put his hand on your cheek gently and kissed your soft lips.

"Our flight leaves in two hours, baby, we need leave like now." You murmured, feeling intoxicated from his lips.

He continued to kiss you, his sweet lips leaving yours only to move down to your neck, "We'll leave in 10 minutes, that's all it'll take." He groaned, his voice low and raspy.

Your cheeks were a bright pink, you couldn't understand how a voice could do some many things to you. "Kane." You moaned, "That'll be 10 minutes too late. We'll have a lot of opportunities to continue this in New York." You kissed his lips, you could feel his emotion in the way he kissed, you slowly pulled apart.

"We will continue this, missy." He sighed out, kissing your hands delicately.

The two of you finished packing and headed towards the airport, "I'm still in disbelief that this is happening, baby." You were euphoric, you did everything with a smile, the TSA agents probably thought you were crazy because of the smile on your face.

"Flight 1756 to New York City will begin boarding in 10 minutes, please have your boarding passes in hand."

You looked over at Kane, "What are our seats again?"

Kane chuckled, "Seat 2A and 2B, first class for my beautiful wife." He handed you the boarding pass, "The flight shouldn't be too long, so we'll probably have enough time to watch a movie."

"Awesome." You giggled, clutching Kane's hand in yours.

"Rows 1-10 you can now board."

"Baby, that's us." Kane said, grabbing your hand to help you up.

You squeezed his hand, "I'm so excited I could pee my pants."

Kane laughed, "Please don't, y/n."

You handed the flight attendant your boarding pass, he scanned it and then gave it back. You and Kane walked onto the plane and found your seats, "Holy shit, Kaner." You squealed once in your seat. "We're actually here!"

"We're just on the plane." He snickered, holding your hand tightly, kissing the top.

"I know, but that means that we really will be in New York, the city of dreams." You sighed, leaning your head on his shoulder, "I love you, Patrick Kane. You truly are the most amazing husband."

"I'd do anything for you, y/n, you should know that by now." He kissed the top of your head gently, "Happy anniversary, my beautiful wife."

"Happy anniversary, baby." You gave him a kiss, biting his lip gently. Kane laughed, moving his hand to your face.

"Don't be a bad girl." He laughed, "In the wise words of you, we'll continue this in New York City." You giggled, leaning your head back on his shoulder.

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also i want to write a hockey book. should the main character be a) tyler sequin   b) patrick kane or c) carey price???

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