After she left I waited to escape  from my room to the kitchen to get a drink of water and even a snack, but with my luck both my mom and marissa were in there putting away plates and leftover food that my dad takes to work the next morning for lunch.

They were talking when I walked into the kitchen which caused them to stop talking.

I go behind my mom to grab a cup from the rack, they stopped to notice my every movement which made me feel like prey about to be taken down right in my tracks. 

It was too quiet so I had to do or say something and there was this one question that i’ve  been wanting to ask marissa since the beginning.

So I turned to her and asked in a quiet voice so that my mom wouldnt here “ Why did you tell her?” I said pointing towards my mom.

She looked up at me and said with no emotion in he face  “You didn’t tell me what happened so I had to tell her , if you would have told me maybe I wouldn’t have told her.” I responded with” I was going to tell you but I was going to wait till everyone left the room.”

My mom was listening in on our conversation  and when marissa said she would have never told her if I gave her the truth she got kinda upset, My mom says “ You should have told me either way and it is good that you have told me.” I respond with a joke “ I would have just told you that the cat got a hold of me.” We all laughed but it fell silent again and then I walked out of the kitchen to sit on the couch alone in silence.

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