Chapter 3

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Connor and I left the alley after we called the police. I knew that even if Marcus and his accomplice told the police what they had seen, they wouldn’t be believed.

            I decided to take him to the guardian headquarters where it would be safe to explain everything to him. Even though I still didn’t think I was the right person for the job, I wasn’t going to disobey Elder’s orders.

            We reached headquarters by 6:30pm. Casey was at the door to greet us. She led us into a small coffee shop type area that was specifically used for these purposes. I had never been there before, considering the only other charge I had didn’t need any convincing, though I knew it existed.

            We sat down in two red, oversized chairs and Casey left us alone.

            “So what’s going on?” Connor asked. He hadn’t said much since the incident in the alley.

            “Okay, so I’m your guardian,” I started explaining. “I have basic powers, like speedy healing.”

            “Which is why after you were stabbed, you healed so quickly,” Connor replied.

            “Yes,” I replied. “I trained for decades before I was put into the field. I also have an individual power that appears at any point. Mine just appeared tonight, which allowed me to save your life.”

            “How old are you?” Connor asked.

            “Physically, I’m 17, but I’m technically 107,” I replied. “I was turned into a guardian in 1921.”

            “Okay, but I still don’t see why I need a guardian,” Connor replied. “My life is fine.”

            “Are you serious?” I said in disbelief. “You were just attacked by two thugs, who probably would have killed you had I not intervened.”

            “I can take care of myself,” Connor replied. “I don’t need a guardian.”

            “Okay, whatever,” I answered. “You definitely need a guardian or else I wouldn’t have been assigned to you.”

            Connor stood up. “I don’t need your help. So why don’t you go get assigned to somebody who does.”

            “I can’t be assigned to anyone else until you prove your life is no longer dangerous,” I replied, crossing my arms. “So if you want me to go away I suggest you change your lifestyle. Maybe you should get a job instead of hanging out at a bar at 2:30pm in the afternoon.”

            Connor looked frustrated. “Look, I have to go.”

            “More bars to go to?” I asked, smiling.

            Connor looked frustrated but didn’t say anything. Instead he left the building. I sat there for a few minutes. Connor definitely wasn’t anything like Luca.

            Soon after I had told Luca that I was his guardian, we had become friends. I protected him for six months, until I began developing feelings for him. I kept them to myself because I thought he would never feel the same way about me. However, one night after I had saved him, yet again from a fight, he kissed me. We became engaged soon after that.

            I realized that I was surprisingly exhausted. I figured it was because of discovering my new power. I stood up from my chair and headed upstairs to my dorm.

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