when we were freinds part 1

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(y/n) pov
I lived in the underground for many years and i live with my freinds Isabella, farlon, and last but not least Levi. Even though Levi has a strange personality like the cleanliness and always being a jerk i like that about him. i am closer to Levi then i am the rest but we talk.

I walk in the door for the place that Levi, Isabella, Farlon, and i live. i just got back from getting things. i go to the kitchen and get the food on the counter then i stared taking out cleaning supplies.
"what did you get for us to eat (y/n)?" asked Isabella
"i got us some meat for once and some vegtables" I said
"Hey (y/n). we are going to go get some things using our 3dmgs do u want to come?" asked farlon.
"sure lets go" I said as i got on my 3dmg and we headed out
((so this is my first fan fic please give me any pointers if u have any if any names are spelled wrong or if there personalitys are wrong please tell me -yuki))

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