"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked staring straight into my eyes with a hint of fear, but then some assurance.

 "Yea I am" I said trying to stay calm "it’s not likes it’s my first...” he looked at me with a grin. He then went in me at first slowly... Then he began to go faster and faster I let out a soft moan then he grunted while going even faster. "Ooh" I whispered while he reached down to kiss me. Next thing I know he lifted my legs laying them on his shoulders, and then he moved even deeper in me I started to moan louder.

After a few more minutes of him thrilling my body I heard a car pull in to the drive way. He froze....I did 2. I heard the front door open and slam loudly. 

"Ki-Ki, You awake?" my brother Jake yelled. James got off of me quickly and we both got up and he got dressed I put on my short red and black night gown. "Hey...” James coughed as if out of breath. "Hey where’s my sister?!?" Jake said a little worried.

"I’m right here!" I began walking down the stairs "why'd you come back so early?"

"The cops showed up" he said grabbing a soda out the fridge. "Guess I’ll go to her next party next week" James then turned and saw how short my night gown was I noticed a bulge in his pants. "I got to go" he walked over to me kissed me softly on the lips and headed towards his car. "I see you and James were pretty busy?" he said sounding worried. I walked over and hugged him. "Don’t worry we didn’t do anything if that’s what you’re asking we just watched some...videos" "oh... Well good....." he went to his room shut the door and turned off the light. I guess he’s going to sleep I thought to myself.

The next day which was the first day back from spring break I packed my books got dressed and started heading down stairs. "Ugh... Bout time you get down here" my brother said leading the way to the car. "Mom and dad sleep?" I asked while buckling my seatbelt. "I guess I haven’t seen them since they went out last night must be on another trip to England...” he then started the car and pulled off.

'I really hope there okay this isn’t the first time they left without telling us' I thought to myself. By the time I looked up we were already at school. "Let’s go" he yelled halfway out the car. I ran over to James while he was standing in his usual group of friends and jumped in his arms. He kissed me while holding my ass to support me I crossed my legs around his waist to keep myself from slipping. My brother walked over to his group of friends Mark, Arrick, Jeff, and Josh. They all looked at me and James like we were sex craved animals in a cage.

"You mind saving all this for when imp not around?!?!!!!" Jake shouted while crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. "You’re lucky I let you two date ugh...” I climbed down from him and turned towards Jake raising one eyebrow "you’re just mad because I can keep a relationship!" I yelled back grabbing James' hand. He then turned me around pulled me closer and whispered "just end it here okay?"

I got on my tippy toes kissed him and said with a sigh


James grabbed my hand and began pulling me towards the doors of Mitounik high school. He walked me to class kissed me and left. 

As I took my seat the only bitch in my life walked over and sat next to me.


"What the hell do you want?" I shouted when she was about to speak. I waited about 10 seconds before she spoke. "look I didn’t come to make nice so watch your damn tone with people and I saw you with James.... what'd you two hook up this spring break cause just a fair warning some of the girls in school aren’t going to let you have someone who needs better than you!!" she paused.." and imp one of them" she then got up walked to her seat sat down looked back and mouthed this 'F-YOU!'

After 4th period I headed for the cafeteria for lunch I saw James sitting with my brother and his friends I walked over and whispered in jakes ear "I'm sorry about this morning...” then I sat down next to James giving him a big kiss. It was an awkward silence... They all stopped talking. “WHAT" I said irritated "nothing" josh said shifting in his seat.

"We were talking about something private.... Do you mind?" James said in whisper.

I was shocked to hear this hell how are you not going to tell me... is it about the big football game on wed. Or was he cheating on me?!? All thought this to myself. "Oh well then...” I grabbed my tray and stood up thinking he would tell me to stay I was wrong. "Bye" I walled to another table. I sat by myself. What kind of bf was he!

After school I waited by the usual 'hang out spot' for my brother and his friends they were all finally coming but when they walked up they all stopped talking. My brother then said "Come on Kiki lets head go" he said with a chuckle. “By babe" I said to James hugging him.

He didn’t even hug me back I looked at him curiously. Then, I started walking then turned around and stared right at James. He looked tense. "What the hell!" I yelled "first you can’t tell me what you guys are talking about then I move to a different table by myself expecting you to come over and talk to me but NO now you won’t fucking say bye!!" my brother shook his head telling me to stop. "NO I’m sick of this!!" he grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards the car. People started staring. "I fucking want to know now!!!" I yelled even louder drawing more attention to myself.

"JUST FUCKING LEAVE" he finally yelled back.

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