chapter 1

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Selena p.o.v
"Sellllll come on let go out to night "demi said ok the me explain I'm selena I just move To Los Angeles and my best friend moved with me from Texas right now currently we met our next door neighbor Taylor Swift. Taylor me and demi if we wanted to go out tonight but I said we had to unpack but demi wants to go out so she's practically begging me
"Pleaseeeeeeeeee selena "demi said
"Come on selly it Will be a lot of fun"Tay said
"Ugh fine if you stop asking me "I said
Tay and demi screamed
"Oh my God yayyyyyyy"Tay and demi said in unison this is going to a long night
"Sel come on we have to get dressed "demi said I went upstairs and put on a sexy dress it was short but not to short then I went down stairs
"Come on Sel let go "Tay said excited
"I'm go "I walked outside to the car "where we going"I ask Tay
"It's a surprise"Tay said ugh
Justin p.o.v
I saw talk to Ryan when I saw three girls two brunettes one blonde the blonde was Taylor.who are the two brunettes with her. one she sexy as Fuck she has nice tan long leg and huge boobs and an amazing ass she was drop dead gorgeous her hair perfectly by her elbows I wanted to Make her my ssvg or has people here call it fbsvg but me and crew call it ssvg but anyway the other bring it wore a t-shirt where you can almost see the bottom of her boobs tight pants
"Dude u see that new chicks there fucking hot"I said pointing to the new girls
"Dude your right their fuck sexy"Ryan said checking them out
"Damn dude can I make that one my ssvg"Chris said pointing to the brunette in the shirt and pants
"Sure but that going to be my ssvg "I said point to the brunette in the dress
"Ok mine is Taylor "Ryan said Ryan smiled at Taylor she smile back
Racers 5 minutes until Racing time
Justin Bieber against then Harry Styles I went to my car I checked if everything was ready the guys just need good luck
" I don't need luck "I said Ryan chuckled
Racer to the starting line
" well bro I got to go"he nodded
I walk my car got in to my car and drove to the starting line the girl waved the checkered flag
"Are you ready "She said pointing at me I rud my engine and so did Harry she counted down then dropped the checkered flag off we went Harry was in front of me then I speed up and cross the finish line first I start to the middle of the crown I got of my car and standing up
" so Bieber who's going to be your fbsvg you can pick whatever girl you want "said Lious
"Her" I said pointing Burnett in a short dress
Selena p.o.v
Taylor told me about Justin Bieber he's the best drag racer in all the world
"So bieber who going to be your fbsvg you can whatever girl you want "lious
"What fbsvg "I asked Taylor
"It means friends with benefits slave victory girl or has justin say ssyg sex slave victory girl it means ever time he wins you have to have sex with him so you better hope you don't get picked"tay said
"Her"Justin said he says pointing at me everybody started cheering and pushing me towards him
"Hi babe your my ssvg "justin said
" if I don't want to be your ssvg"I said
" if you don't .I will ruin your life"justin said
"Ugh Damn it fine "I said
Justin p.o.v
"Your so fucking sexy when you cuss baby girl " I said
She rolled her eyes at me
I pin her up against my car
" don't roll your eyes at me"I said she nodded
" come on let's go"she nodded get in my car this is going to be fun I speed off to my house

Hey guys sorry if it was bad anyway I love you guys are amazing and really hope you guys like this book love you guys love you guys bye

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