Chapter 30: Drunk in Love

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A/N* The title is a Beyonce reference lol

"I love you so much," Hyuna interlocked her hands with Daehyun.

"I love you, too," Daehyun smiled back at her and absentmindedly played with her hands.

"When is everyone getting here, I feel like I'm gonna lose my appetite," Yongguk uttered to Zelo while they were forced to watch the loving couple across the lunch table.

"Same here," Zelo pushed his tray of food away.

"Puh-leez Yongguk, I'm sure you tell Jieun that you love her all the time too," Hyuna rested her head on her hand and looked at the boy across from her mischievously.

After a few seconds of silence in which Yongguk was supposed to reply, Hyuna's eyes widened, "You have told her you loved her before right?"

Yongguk's eyes met with everyone's at the table and he rubbed the nape of his neck, "No I haven't..."

"Psh, what kind of guy doesn't say that to his girlfriend?" Hyuna queeried.

"Yongguk never asked Jieun to be his girlfriend yet either," Zelo joined in.

"What?" Hyuna and Daehyun exclaimed in unison, "What are you waiting for?"

"Ugh I don't really know?" Yongguk admitted shyly.

"He's probably too shy," Daehyun defended.

"Worst. Boyfriend. Ever." Hyuna said coldly.

"Technically he's not even her boyfriend," Zelo said again.

"Hi guys. I brought napkins for everyone," Jieun trotted to the table, taking a seat next to Yongguk and started handing everyone napkins.

Daehyun and Hyuna were watching Yongguk to see how he would act with Jieun around, and Yongguk felt their eyes boring holes into his head.

"Jieun," Yonguk started off, "I love..."

Daehyun, Hyuna, and even Zelo were now watching Yonguk indiscreetly.

"I're always thinking ahead. Thanks for the napkins..." He took a napkin from the table and held it in his hand.

A unanimous sigh was heard amongst the three speculators. "Oh yeah, no problem," Jieun said casually.


[Jieun's POV]

It's been a few days since our 3 day weekend, and I still haven't completely gotten the thought of asking Yongguk to be my boyfriend out of my head. I mean, if I was the one to ask him, it's not like he'd say 'no' right? Besides, there's nothing wrong with the girl asking. I was going to Yongguk's house after school today and since it would just be us, maybe now would be the right time to ask him.

-30 min later-

"Hey Yongguk, is everything ok?" I tapped his shaking hand while we were watching a movie on his laptop.

He seemed to have jumped a little at my touch but cleared his throat and stopped shaking, "What do you mean?"

"Um you haven't spoken to me this whole time," I said.

"Yeah I did, I asked you if you wanted water," Yongguk brought his eyes back onto his laptop screen.

"But that was 30 minutes ago..." I shook my head and focused on the main thing I wanted to talk to him about. "I have something really important to ask you."

Yongguk looked at my serious manner and took the laptop off of his lap, "Actually, I have something important to say too."

"Oh really? Well, you can go first."

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