Chapter 2

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The song for this chapter is Ignition remix by R Kelly and the picture is Matt Bomer playing Luke Haris.


Chapter 2

I could feel the music pumping from the speakers and the strong smell of sweat. Looking at the dance floor, it was like a sea of grinding and making out.

"I'm gonna go get a drink..." I say to Adriana who has already left me, probably to go dance with some random dude.

I walk towards the bar and sit on a stool, "I'll have a Cuba Libre." I'm going to get drunk tonight and nobody can stop me.

As the bartender hands me my drink a gorgeous hunk of man sits on the stool on my left, ordering a Heineken.

Slyly I take a few glances while sipping my drink.

Glance: He has a little stubble making him look kind of rugged.


Glance: Nice natural looking tan; kinda unrealistic for New York, but whatever.


Glance: Brown hair styled in that I-just-woks-up kind of way; but it works.


Glance: button up white collared shirt, from the fit it seems he's really fit. I wonder what it would be like to lick his abs?

NO! Bad Jess.


Glance: He's looking at me! Abort mission! I repeat abort mission!



Drain rest of drink.

Choke a little bit.

Die of embarrassment.

"Are you alright?"

Oh my God he's talking to me! What the hell do I do? Deep breath, calm and collected.

"Hmm? Oh yeah I'm fine, just went down the wrong pipe." Jessica you idiot, people don't have pipes! Do we? I'll Google it later.

"I'm Luke." He puts his hand out for me to shake.

Taking it I smile and give my name, "Jessica."

After many drinks and hours of talking he asks me if I wanted to go to his place. Agreeing I find Adriana telling her I'm leaving.

"Hey I'm getting out of here."

"Oh already?" she pouts, "We didn't even get to spend time together."

"Yeah, next time, but I really gotta go now." I reply pointing back to Luke whose still waiting for me.

"Oh, OH. Well get out of here and tap that." She smiles shooing me away. I walk across the crowded dance floor back to Luke, at the front by the door.

"You ready to go?" He smiles; I melt.

"Yeah, take me away." I giggle stumbling out of The Inferno.

About fifteen minutes later we arrive at one of the most expensive apartment buildings in New York. "You live here?"

"Yeah, cool right." He chuckles walking us both towards the elevators. The doors close leaving the two of us alone. I start dancing to the elevator music, twirling around and swaying my hips, I think I even twerked a little bit. Stumbling I fell onto Luke's chest, "Sorry." I giggled.

Rising on my tippy toes I aim to kiss him as his head lowers towards mine, our lips touch in a drunken spur, we separate as the elevator dings and the door opens. He leads me to his door briefly letting go of my hand to open the door to a beautiful penthouse suite.

"Wow." I utter. I barely have enough time to turn around before Luke smashed his lips on mine, both of us moving backwards, I hit what feels like a door and start feeling around for a doorknob without breaking the kiss. Finally finding it I open the door and move back until the back of my knees hit the bedframe and we tumble onto the bed.

"Are you sure you want this?" Luke asks breathlessly in-between kisses.

"Definitely." That one word with four syllables was all he needed to take me to heaven and back.

I wake to the sound of a shower running and the feeling like my head is about to split in two. Groggily I sit up in the comfortable bed, my mouth feels like I swallowed a bunch of cotton balls, stretching I wince at the discomfort in my southern area.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God, what the happened last night?" Clutching the bed sheet around my body I slip on my clothes that were conviniantly placed on the chair in the corner.

Silently I open and close the door passing the living room into the foyer, I walk out never looking back with my heels dangling in my hand. I make it to the front lobby without any interruptions and hail a cab.

I walk into my apartment going straight towards the shower. Stripping I turn on the water and hop in letting the rapid pounding of water on my back sooth my tense muscles. The water soon turns cold so I turn the water off and wrap myself in a towel along with my hair.

Getting dressed I put on black yoga pants, a blue tank top and my pink fuzzy socks. Walking into the kitchen/ living room I swallow down two tablets of Tylenol to help with the nausea and headache.

Sluggishly I made my way to the couch and flipped myself on it from the back and fell into a dreamless sleep.
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In the external link is the layout of Luke's penthouse suite.

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