Chapter Seven

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I am currently walking towards the girls changing rooms. The bell indicating that lunch was over, sadly, went about thirty seconds ago.

About halfway through lunch, all the boys left once Joe said that they needed to go 'do something', probably get high round the back of the school. They acted like it was something along the lines of that anyway, with ho shady they were being. 
I didn't mind though because it meant that I could finally sit and feel comfortable without being squashed between two extremely hot guys biceps.

"Are you excited?" Amelia teased as we walked down the corridor.

"uhh obviously, I just love love love PE-" I squealed and jumped like a preppy cheerleader before I walked into something that sent me falling to the ground, landing on my ass.

"Ow, what the fuck?" I said standing up with the help of Amelia before looking at the boy who I bumped in to.

"Someone's excited about PE" That signature smirk

"It's sarcasm, usually falls from my mouth just like stupid falls from yours," ohmygod Darcy what the hell are you doing?! You have never been around a boy so long as to even have a normal conversation and now you think you can throw sass around like its nothing??

I heard a couple of people laugh and even a couple of gasps.

"Damn, you've changed from lunch, what happened..kitten" Shit he remembers, he knows I'm his next door neighbour. All the confidence I once had, left me.

"Nothing's happened, you were just too far up your own ass to notice how I actually am," I raised an eyebrow before fixing myself and wiping down any sort of dirt that was on my ass before walking away beside Amelia.

"Damn, I don't remember you being this sassy, it really suits you," Amelia smiled before we both laughed and walked into the changing rooms.


Our gym teacher, Mr Colvate, gave me suitable gym attire, he said I could keep them as well because they were new. I didn't take his word for the coment on them being new, but I was thankful to have them nonetheless. 

It was a white, kind of tight fitting t-shirt that had the schools name imprinted over the right breast, and a pair of well-fitted shorts, they gave me enough room to run and stretch and weren't too short which made me comfortable in them.

I wore the shoes that I had come to school in along with my knee-high socks. I left my hair down as it was already down from lunch when I thought there was a spider on me, which honestly would have been better than sitting with they idiots.

"GIRLS CMON CLASS HAS STARTED" Mr Colvate shouted through the closed door. I could see girls rushing about trying to get ready quick enough.

Amelia and I walked out together, to find three other teachers out there. "That's Mr Churner, Miss Blackery, and Mr Hans, be grateful we didn't get Miss Blackery, she's a total bitch, I'm pretty sure she's like 50 and still a virgin," Amelia explained making me burst out in fits of laughter.

"What's so funny girls?" Miss Blackery said making us stop laughing immediately and stand up straight.

"Nothing miss, we were uh, just laughing at something that uh happened at lunch?" I quickly made something up but it came out as more of a question.

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