Chapter 4: U Fight and I O

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After Gwen woke in the morning she peered into Annalise's room and saw she still wasn't home. Since Annalise had an amazing walk-in shower in her bathroom with multiple showerheads Gwen thought she would take advantage of it while it was unoccupied. She concluded it only fair that Annalise share what is considered the closest thing to heaven on earth.

When she finally emerged from Annalise's bedroom squeaky clean with her clothes on and the bra she had hand washed in the sink before she went to bed last night, Gwen caught the aroma of coffee filling the apartment.

Oh no, Annalise was home.

While Gwen believed Annalise should share her bathroom, it didn't mean Annalise agreed with her friend.

Her feet padded to the kitchen and noticed a very large masculine back poking out of the refrigerator. The door swung closed and Dorian's head lifted up, Gwen's stomach twisted from his toothy grin. Not the type of smile that was too wide or gives off the slightly creepy vibe. His mouth is posed in full on ovary exploding assault mode. Gwen can't help but focus on the way he curls his lips and flashes just a hint of teeth causing a hum to shoot down to her toes.

"That's a lot of heavy cream you got in there. Do you mind if I use it? I was going to make my special French toast." His eyes perused her body, frowning when he saw she had on a bra.

"Um sure. Why is it special?" Gwen makes her way over to the counter and leans her elbow on the cold granite.

"Because I'm making it." He smirks, placing his ingredients next to the stove.


Pushing past Dorian, Gwen grabbed a mug and poured herself some coffee. After she topped it off with the cream he left on the counter she settled onto a barstool on the other side of the counter to watch him ... cook. More like ogle, drool and store images for later use with her battery operated boyfriend. Is there anything sexier than watching a man cook? Hmm, Gwen comes up with an idea that might make this a bit sexier, "Take off your shirt."

He stops pouring the cream in the bowl in front of him and turns to her, his head cocked to the side, "What?"

"Aren't you hot Dorian? It's supposed to get near ninety today and with you working over a hot stove, I just think you would be more comfortable shirtless. What is the football reference? Backs and shirts. I'll be the shirt team and you be the back team."

"What does football have to do with me making French toast?" Dorian chuckles softly while returning his focus to the bowl in front of him.

"Nothing Dorian, nothing at all." Her eyes slowly skimmed his body as she brings the warm liquid to her mouth. He looks up at her, his eyes widen and she suspected he wasn't buying her argument. Well, it was worth a try.

"So, why so much heavy cream?" Dorian reaches for an egg, cracking it on the counter, almost losing it to the floor.

"Because I am making Annalise a chocolate caramel tartlet."

Dorian freezes and as he raises his eyes to Gwen she sees them burn a little deeper, darkening to a bottomless sea green. His face relaxes and for a moment she thought he looked aroused.

"Chocolate caramel tartlet," He whispers, his eyes flutter closed as a low moan escapes his mouth before focusing on her again.

"Yes" Gwen turns her head thinking some super sexy woman is standing behind her buck naked and dripping wet, the way Dorian is reacting.

"You bake?" His piercing stare for some reason sends shivers down Gwen's spine and all she can do is nod.

Dorian pushes the bowl aside and strides quickly towards her, causing Gwen to gasp. For a moment she thought he was going to whisk her up in his arms like something out of a steamy romance novel, but he didn't. He just stood stock-still, hovering over her, despite the height the stool gave her. His breathing ragged as if those five steps were five miles.

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