Chapter 13

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After that amazing night, and I'm not just talking about the stuff that happened after Leslie's party at Tom's hotel room.... Or maybe I am? I'm not sure, well nevermind. The thing is that when I woke up, next to the hottie, I had like 5 missed calls and 4 voicemails from Emily, my agent. I got really worried, because it was really early and she NEVER gets up so early on weekends like seriously it was 8 am! I called Her but I got directly to voicemail so I decided to listen to her 4 voicemails which said:
- "Y/N!!!!! Wake up girl! Need to tell you something! Call me!!"
- "Hey? Heyy!!!!! Wake up sleeping beauty!!"
- "Y/N call me!!"
- "I'm talking seriously over here! Stop hugging your sexy boyfriend and give your agent a call!"
Hmm that last one sounded weird... How did she know I was with Tom? I never told her that Tom went to Leslie's party.... I tried calling her again but I couldn't reach her.
Later on, Tom woke up, and when we were having breakfast, Tom got a call,  "excuse me love I need to get this" he said, "it's okay Tom, go for it!"
I didn't mean to but I overheard part of the conversation:
"Hey Luke! What's up?.....yeah you know just interrupting my breakfast hehehe....oh no, no it's ok, tell me....yeah I'm here with Y/N...oh sure wait a sec-" he looked at me and said "dear, Luke says hi!"
"Ohh say hi to him too!!" I answered he got back to the phone and continued talking with Luke: "yes she says hello to you too! Okay, what did you want to tell me?......what?? No way! Why do you want me to Google myself? seriously man, internet is a dangerous place! Just tell me!.....oh, really? Ok, thanks man, talk to you later!" He finished the call and looked at me "Well, apparently some paparazzis took some pictures of us kissing yesterday night and now those pictures are all over the internet!"
"Oh Gosh!" I said surprised "what are we going to do?"
"Hmm, listen, I know you wanted to wait, but why wouldn't we make public our relationship? Firstly because what do you say after seeing those pictures?, and secondly I believe it's about time, I mean, this isn't just some fling Y/N, I love you and I want to shout it from the rooftops! What do you say darling?" He asked as I was looking into those deep blue eyes, "I think you got me on this one Hiddleston, lets make public our relationship but please, there is no need to shout it from the rooftops!" I replied and he giggled.
We both talked to Emily and Luke and told them what we wanted to do, but with the condition that they would say nothing and that we would talk about us on the People's Choice Awards that evening.
After work, Tom and I met at his hotel room and we got prepared for the evening, we had a shower and I got into this gorgeous black dress as Tom got into a nice suit.
"Tom, I'm nervous." I said
"Oh honey, there is no need to be! I'll be right next to you! And you are going to be perfect!" He said
I was nominated for an award which I didn't expect to win of course, because I was nominated with other four amazing women...
We got there, had some interviews, mostly talking about us and others about my nomination, so I said "well it is amazing to even be nominated! And I really mean it. I'm so nervous, and I don't believe I'm gonna win, but I'll be truly happy for the one that does actually win" I smiled.
The People's Choice started, I was sitting next to Tom, who was presentig an award later on, we sat, and enjoyed the evening till it was time for Ian Somerhalder, my co-star, also nominated, to present the winner on my category: "The People's Choice, ladies and gentlemen......." He opened the envelope and a little scream of joy came out of his mouth "is the one and only Y/N!!!!!!!" He finished
**OMG! Did I just hear my name? Is this serious?? Do I have to go up there??** I was so shocked!
I turned around to Tom and kissed him, I got up of my chair and walked to Ian who was holding the award, I hugged him tightly and turned to the hundreds of people just looking at me waiting for my speech, I had no speech.
"Oh Gosh! I am certainly speechless, okay well I just want to share this award with my fellow nominees who deserved it, you are wonderful, I want to thank the people who voted me! Thank you so much I never expected this, you are awesome I love you so much! Thank you to Ian, and the whole cast and crew who helped me a lot, thank you! And a big thank to my friends and family, to Emily and last but not least, thank you Tom! Thank you for always believing in me, I love you." As I finished this, Ian directed me to the backstage where we had a lot of pics taken, then I got back to my seat and stayed there till the end of the evening.
As we came back to the hotel, I asked "when are you going back home?"
"Well I have to finish shooting, I guess maybe in 2 months from now? What about you hun?"
"I don't have to work till next month in Paris, so what do you say if I stay here till next month when I have to be in France, after that we will just figure out what we will do next, deal?" I asked
"Deal." He replied and kissed me, lifted me up and led me to the bedroom. I kissed him back and he left me in the huge comfortable hotel bed, he looked at me and took off the black dress, always staring into my eyes, he started kissing my neck, then he slowly went down kissing my belly and I giggled "Tom! You are tickling me! Stop it!"
"No. I'm not gonna stop!! Hehehe" he continued, I grabbed his face and he went in for a passionate kiss, I took of his shirt and played with his tie.  He laughed "come on Y/N! Stop teasing and kiss me again!"
You can figure out what happened next, I'll leave it to your imagination ehehehe!
End of chapter 12! Hope you liked it!
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