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'I am home!' I shouted loudly as I locked the doors and walked upstairs back into my room.

It is finally summer! I let out a sigh out of content and flopped face down in my big, inviting bed, ignoring the fact that my glasses were now askew on my face and making threatening cracking noises. I screamed happily into my pillow, feeling ecstatic that my holiday has finally begin and that I have made it through my freshman year unscratched, well, relatively, oh and also I finally gotten my braces taken off, you have no idea how relieved it feels!

High school. The American version of Hell, at least, it is for me. Everwood High School is just like any high school in America, with all its cliques and social hierarchy, and being a nerd, that would put me at the bottom of the pyramid very nicely.

Getting back up to a sitting position, I straightened my glasses and pick up photo frame on my bedside table. It was the family photo that we took last year when my eldest brother Dylan graduated high school. He stood in the middle in his graduation gown with my parents around him smiling proudly, and just beside them is my older sister Georgina, and then there's me, Julianna Montrose, standing slightly away from the whole family, looking like an outsider caught in the photo.

My two siblings are both popular and beautiful, whereas I am a socially awkward person, a nerd. My wavy hair is all over the place and my chunky glasses hid most of my face, my eye sight is awful and I can't see without them, my mother picked this out for me, and my allowance wasn't enough for me to buy another pair myself, unless I was to starve for the semester. God knows what my mother was thinking.

Then a noise of a car engine starting startled me out of my little day dream, I peered out of my window and saw a blue sports car pulled up outside Whitney's house. I instantly recognized that it is Aidan Owen's car. My heart beat accelerated, trying to catch a glimpse of him, but instead saw Whitney running out of her house and the two of them kissing before driving off.

I can't help but felt a pang of jealousy, my heart feeling like it's been punched, Aidan can do so much better than Whitney, if only he knew how much of an evil witch she is. I have been in love with Aidan since I first started junior high. He is handsome, athletic (school football team), not to mention rich. Those dreamy blue eyes and messy dark hair, and those kissable lips.........

OK, let's stop at there, I don't want to get ahead of myself. I knew the chances of me and him ending up together are like literally nil, with him being the future prom king and me the future 'most likely to still be a virgin at 40' winner in the year book, especially in high school, where different cliques don't mix.

I mean, looking at myself, I wouldn't date myself if I am a guy, with my messy brown hair and those hideous glasses ( I blame my parents). Not to mention my elementary school height (OK, not literally, but close, I am praying for a second growth spurt)

'What are you thinking? You look like you are in a trance.' a voice said, I blinked and saw my brother, Dylan's face right in front of me, smirking. My heart skipped a beat from the fright and I jumped a mile back.

'Hahaha, your face! It's hilarious! You really need to stop doing that day dreaming thing of yours and get back to the real world.' My brother laughed at my reaction and popped himself down at my chair.

'Dylan! You need to stop barging into my room like this, ever heard of knocking?' My tongue finally got back to me and I practically shouted back at him.

'hey, I knocked for like 5 times, you just didn't hear it from your 'trance'.' Dylan chuckled, putting his legs on my bed and helping himself to my chocolate bar.

'Hey! That's mine, get your own.' I ran across the room and snatched back my precious chocolate bar, no one messes with my food, and he knew that, he only did that to annoy me. Stupid older brothers.

'Anyway, I came to tell you that Gina are going to a party tonight and mum and dad had some charity function or something, so you are going to be home alone.' He said, standing back up and smoothing his clothes. I looked at him.

'Bro, you just got back in town from college, and you are already going to a party?' I found that rather incredulous, he only got back this morning! Maybe that's why me and my family are so different, we have completely different way of thinking.

'Yupe.' he replied, running his hand through his hair, trying to look cool and impressive, which made me roll my eyes. ' People just can't stay away from me.'

I turned around and make a fake gagging motion. Despite our differences me and my siblings actually get on quite well, they talk to me in school and tell their friends to stop laughing at me. Unlike those evil siblings you read in stories, or overprotective ones – IE they don't kill their friends for laughing at me, or stop me from dating (this I don't know, since no one had ever asked me out, but I think Dylan will dance in joy if this happen, he is convinced that I will die a nun) etc, they are just, well normal siblings.

'So, I just wanted to make sure you are fine with things, remember, do not open doors to strangers, no house party, no illegal drugs.' Dylan said climbing out of my chair and out of the door. I made a face.

'And no boys, oh, I don't have to worry about that do I?' Dylan suddenly turned around and added with a cheery smile on his face, I turned bright red, jumping out of my bed and we started chasing each other down the hallway.

'What on earth are you guys doing?' My sister Georgina poked her head out of her room, annoyed by the amount of noise that Dylan and I were making, half of her blond hair were curled meaning she was getting ready for the party.

'Sorry Gina, I was just teasing little Julikins.' Dylan said as he took the advantage of the distraction and held me under his arm pit and ruffling my hair. I gave out a yell of protest as he messed my hair up even further and making my glasses fell off my face.

'Stop annoying Julie and get change.' Gina said rolling her eyes, and then turned to me. 'By the way, mum just called, she said you can't stay in the house today, because they won't be home tonight and it's illegal to let under 16 stay at home on their own.'

My jaw dropped in shock, that had never been a problem with my parents before, why start now? It's not like I can't take care of myself or get into trouble a lot

'But what am I going to do?' I asked, dumb-folded... seriously, if they had given me early notice I could have ask Hannah if I can stay at hers, but no, they decided to spring this on me right now! Probably because they forgot my age, but yeah.

'Wait, I will call Aidan.' Dylan let go of me and started dialing his cell phone, my heart skipped a beat (I swear this is unhealthy, my heart needs to stop doing that!), tonight's party is at Aidan Owen's house! Now I know why he picked up Whitney, Dylan said he is calling Aidan, does that me he is bring me to the party? Oh my god what should I do, should I wear a dress, not that would be trying to hard. Hm... make up? But I don't know how to apply any, gr... never mind, he probably won't even look at me twice.

After a long conversation that involves many words that often associate me when my two popular siblings are talking to their friends, like 'babysits', 'baby sister', 'annoying', 'seriously', Dylan ends his conversation.

'OK, you are coming with us to the party,' he said, Gina rolled her eyes again, and started to talk, but Dylan cut her off.

'She is going to stay with Aidan's little brother up stairs, I am not going to let her party with us.' Gina let out a sigh of relieve, although my siblings are very nice to me, they more concern with their own stuff and not babysitting me. Which I understand, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, just a little.

'You mean Andy?' I asked, I thought Aidan only has one brother.

'Yupe, who else?' Dylan replied, giving me an amused look, which I returned.

'He is in my year, you guys seriously need to stop referring to us as baby bros or sis, we are 15, not 5.'

'Pheww, it's the same thing.' Dylan waved his hand nonchalantly, I guess being 18 is different. Gina realised that the drama is over and goes back to her room to finish getting ready.

I walked back to my room, flopped myself down to my bed again, moaning loudly. Thank you, mum and dad, for ruining my lovely, lovely evening. At least I get to see Aidan Owen, I wonder what he would be wearing...

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