Chapter Six

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It's currently lunch and I'm standing in the line with Olivia, she decided it was only fair that she came with me since we have had no classes together today. After homeroom, I had math and English and then after the 15-minute break we get, I had chemistry then home economics. I like having home economics before lunch because on days that we actually get to cook, unlike today, it means that I don't have to buy lunch.

I have the two most dreaded classes next; Gym and then sexual health class. I'm not ok, ugh one after the other on a Monday afternoon, do the school want to me kill myself? 

I picked up a slice of pizza, two bottles of water and two cookies as Violet wanted me to get her something. I looked over to Olivia's tray to find two slices of pizza, some sort of sandwich, a cupcake, two cookies and two bottles of flavoured milk.

"Jesus, you eating for two baby girl?" Olivia and I both turned our heads to the low, rough voice standing beside us.

"Fuck off Cam, no I am eating for myself. Got a problem?" She raised her eyebrow and took a step towards him as if she were trying to scare him away.

"I just thought that after last weekend that maybe you have been eating for two, you know?" He winked, showing no sign of backing down soon.

"Ugh, Cam that was a drunken mistake and you know it, stop bringing it up. Fuck off you asshole." Someone doesn't like cam.

He ignored her for a second and turned to me.
This was the first time I noticed his prominent jawline, which looked like it has been hand crafted by God himself, along with his somewhat fantasising deep brown eyes. His short brown also hair complimented his face in only the best ways.

What is it what all the boys here being so damn hot. The only thing to his disadvantage what is height, not that I was taller than him, only that he was shorter than most of the other guys about here. Not like that would stop him getting into every girl's pants.

"Who might we have here?" His attention was still turned my way.

"She's off limits Cam, Joe's little sister." Olivia snapped before picking up her tray, surprisingly, with one hand and using the other to drag me to the lunch lady who was taking our money.

"Damn, for Joe's sister you sure are hot," he just doesn't give up, does he?

"I'm Darc,y" I smiled as sweetly as I could, trying not to throw up purely for the fact he is most definitely a walking STD.

"Cam I swear to fucking god, if I see you look at my sister like that again I will rip your balls off and make you watch the Stacy twins eat them," I quickly turned, almost dropping my tray of food while doing so, to see my brother standing there. Not looking very happy, might I add.

"Joe, chill man. I was just giving her a friendly welcome to the school." He looked at me as if he wanted me to back him up. I said nothing.

"Yeah, too fucking friendly." Oh look another one of my brother's friends joining in our conversation.

Wait, oh my god it's him, Will? Willy? William? Bill?, whatever. It's my next door neighbour. Fuck.

"Cmon, we don't want you to be the centre of attention on your first day, it's stressful enough without having rumours about you going around already," Olivia whispered and took me to a table on the far side of the cafeteria, where Violet and Amelia were sitting.

"What the hell was that?" Violet asked as we sat down, the look on her face made it seem like we just danced with aliens. I handed her the water and cookie I picked up for her and she thanked me.

"Ugh just that asshole Cam, he was being a bitch," Olivia has always been the one who swears, she's almost like the badass one out of all of us. Keyword; almost. It's surprising because she looks the most innocent out of all of us.

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