Chapter 1

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(Idea of this book goes to the amazing and talented J.K. Rowling who made the Harry Potter books.
Thank you and I hope you guys like it)

"Delia you should be in bed, the Quidditch World Cups tomorrow," mum said. I didn't respond because my mind was going back to the end of the school year and to my birthday where Harry, Ron, Hermione, and The Weasley's came over, even Seamus, Dean, and Neville found their way to Godric Hollow.

It was a sight for sore eyes actually, but that was also the moment I realized I don't just like Harry, like I thought I did at the end of the school year, I was completely in love with him and it scared me some. Right now Hermione and Ginny were the only ones who knew about it.

"Darling what's wrong?" Mum asked me while sitting down beside me. "I love Harry," I whispered. "What?" Mum asked. "I love Harry," I said looking up at her and saw her smiling, no actually she was beaming.

"Well then what's wrong?" She asked. "It scares me," I said, "It really scares me." "Oh darling," she said pulling me into a side hug, "Love is always going to be scary at first, but you have to remember: that scary feeling will go away and when it does only the loving, amazing feeling of love will be left."

I smiled at her when my thoughts went to Sirius who was hiding in a cave with Buckbeak behind the house someway in the woods. "Did you ever feel that way about Sirius or Remus?" I asked and I saw her freeze.

She didn't respond and just looked around, "Uh why don't you go on to bed darling," she said standing up bringing me with, "Your fathers waking you all up early so you can meet the Weasleys."

I smiled and nodded, "Night mum." "Goodnight love," she said kissing my head then walking to her and dad's room while I walked upstairs and to my room.

I laid down and didn't realize how tired I was till my body hit the bed and I was out like a light.

I was comfortably asleep when someone was shaking me and pocking me. "Cedric stop pocking her," I heard mum say and Cedric laugh.

I swatted them away, "Love you need to get in the shower if your going to take one," mum said. "Yeah fathers already having a fit," Cedric said. I smiled and opened one of my eyes, "Plus it's the Quidditch World Cup today," Cedric said.

I shot up and smiled then pushed them all out so I could shower. I ran around getting everything then got in the shower.

Once I was done, I wrapped the towel around me and dried off then wrapped my hair in a towel and ran to my closet but tripped over a shoe.

I ignored the pain in my knee and ran into the closet and looked for some clothes. I decided on a long sleeve shirt, that had red sleeves and gray on the torso, some navy blue skinny jeans and some white Vans then put on my watch and the necklace, that had belonged to my grandmother, she said it was a good luck charm.

She had gave it to grandpa for when he went to some wizard war saying it was a good luck charm and it would bring him back to her and it did.

I combed through my hair and just let it air dry because when it does it comes out in nice waves. I grabbed my jacket and bag and ran down stairs and into the kitchen.

I looked at my watch, "Record time," I said smiling, "Took me only 20 minutes." "I got done in 10," Cedric said smiling.

I glared at him, "Ha ha," I said. Mum and dad smiled at us, "Alright time to go," dad said getting up from the table.

"Be safe loves," mum said kissing mine and Cedric's heads then kissed dad. Dad took mine and Cedric's hands and we apparated to where we were to meet the Weasley's.

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