08 || With You, Always

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"Hmmm...," answered Sidharth to Khushali, for the 10th time in a row. He was constantly typing away something in his laptop while occasionally reading his case files and some legal books. Who said lawyers don't have much work?

He and Khushali were in their room and it was past 12 at night. He was sitting on the couch, laptop on his lap, with books and files sprawled on the table kept infront of the couch. For some days he had been very busy and tensed, firstly his client was in a legal battle over a business fraud and secondly Jay still couldn't find any information about Mia. It was getting highly irritating for him, since as the day were passing, his fear of losing Khushali was increasing. He knew soon he'll have to tell her the truth, which would surely cause troubles between them if for once Khushali took it in the wrong context. But as he hadn't told Khushali the truth about his past yet, he was worried that if Mia gets to Khushali before he told her the truth then he might just lose her forever, never to gain her trust again. 'I really need to get to Mia before she finds Khushali. Or else things would just fall apart for me and Khushali!'

He was still typing on his laptop when Khushali rudely snatched it out of his lap and switched it off. It happened so fast that he couldn't even react initially.
"What the hell Khushali? You know I was working, then why did you closed it? Damn it yaar! What's wrong with you?", groaned a visible angry Sidharth. He got up from the couch and stood in front of her, asking for a justification for her action.

Khushali frowned at him and replied with equal anger, "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you Sidharth? From last one hour, I've been asking you about your day and your work but all you are saying is 'Hmm.....'! Okay I can understand that you were concentrating on your work, so I won't complain about it.
But do you know what time it is? It's past 12 Sidharth and tomorrow you have an early morning meeting. If you won't sleep on time then you'll feel lethargic throughout the day. How can you be so irresponsible about your health and yourself? If you don't sleep on time and get proper rest, you'll fall ill and haan your headache too will trouble you. And I know you don't want that to happen. So please hubby calm down and sleep. It's quite late now, okay?" She whispered the last part of her sentence softly too him.

Khushali had been noticing how busy Sidharth was since last some days. He was usually working on his laptop or reading files and books or simply talking to his clients on phone. She knew he had lots of work to do but that doesn't mean she'll let him neglect his health. She tried on several occasion over the last few days to tell him that but couldn't do so as either he got caught with work or she got busy with something or the other work. But today it was the limit for her. After dinner when she entered their room, she found Sidharth already working on his laptop. Since it was a routine for them to talk about their day, she got herself settled on the bed with a book she was reading for a last couple of days. Once settled, she quizzed Sidharth about his day, but Sidharth answered only, 'Hmm..' for every question. Though she maintained her composure and didn't complain but lost her cool when he repeated the same answer when she asked him how much more time will it take him before going to sleep. She had been quite worked up and was getting irked easily because of her worry for him, which everyone around her had started noticing.

"I know wifey but, but you know it's quite a crucial case and I have to get all the things sorted out before the final hearing. It's just too complicated and tiring!", he muttered with a dull face. He was tired as hell, with all the things happening in his life, he was physically, mentally and emotionally tired.

Khushali looked at him with a small smile. He was looking a like little kid who was completely drained of his energy after coming back from school. She cupped his face and whispered softly, "I understand your situation Sidharth but working like a robot without taking rest, is not the solution. You'll only get more frustrated and cranky because of lack of sleep and rest. You need rest. C'mon now go and lie on the bed. I'll keep your files and laptop properly and you go and sleep. C'mon now!"

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