Oh no

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I drop the phone once I realize that when I grabbed his phone instead of mine. I soon snap out of it when I hear him calling my name.

"Nicki, are you still there?" 

"Yeah I'm here so how are we going to get our phones back?"

"Well I'm in Toronto tonight do you think you can drive here?"

"Ugh, about that I don't have a car"

"What?! Why?"

"I live in Montreal. I either walk or take the bus. I haven't owned a car since I lived in the states"

"Ughh, anyone that can give you a ride?"

"No. As I said I live in Montreal"


"I know the feeling! My phone is my life!"

"I have my iphone but thats for business the blackberry is my personal"

"Shit. when does your tour end?"

"2 more months"


"yeah. Shit dude"

"I feel ya on that"

"Btw, you have some sexy pictures on here" I hear him laugh, I slap my head. He went through my pictures

"Why are you looking through my phone?"

"Hey, I thought is was mine" 

"Well, how are we going to get our phones back?"

"How about we relay messages for now and when I get back to Cleveland we can change phones?" My heart stops at the thought, I will have MGK's phone for 2 whole months and he will have mine. 

"Fine, we can do that I guess."

"Nice." I can hear his smile and I bite my lip.

"Okay, well I need to go job hunting so I'll call you later and we can set up relay times"

"Sounds good sexy" 


I fall back on my bed and have a mini freak-out seasion. As I clutch his phone in my hands. Soon, Hannah comes in to see what I was freaking out about.

"I have his phone" She jumps on my bed

"Who's phone"


"What? How?"

"Well, I grabbed the wrong one last night when I was fucked up"

"Dude, your lucky. You get to stay in contact with that sexy ass guy"

We both laugh and smile


Oh snap. Kinda short but Just wanted to get the phone conversion out of the way and from now on when ever Nicki and Colson are on the phone it's going to be bolded

xoxo Ana

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