Hey to all my wonderful fans. I have decided to write another story. I have been wanting to write a Jasper and Bella love story and well here you go. I hope yall like it and please, please tell me what think about it.

Hey guys, here is a story I have been wanting to write and have been trying to come up with ideas. Its a Twilight FanFiction and all rights go to Stephanie Meyer. I am just using her characters. I hope you like and thanks for reading all my stories. JenCullen28.

Preface: This is a story about Jasper Whitlock and how he met his one true love Bella Swan. Bella Swan lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she meets Jasper one night in a club. See Bella just turned 21 and her friends took her to this dance club for her birthday and that is when she saw this tall muscular but lean honey blond man. He is sitting alone looking all sad and stuff so she decide to go ask him to dance. Then one thing leads to another and well you will just have to read and find out what happens.

Jasper's P.O.V.

Chapter 1: Jasper's Story

Hi, my name is Jasper Whitlock. I am 168 years old but I look 20 or 21 years old, a vampire and a loner. I was born in Texas in 1843 and I joined the Confederate States Army to serve in the Civil War at the age of 17. Due to my extremely charismatic personality, I ascended though the ranks quickly. I was turned into a vampire in 1863 by a vampire named Maria when I was 20 years old. When I was turned I gained the ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of those around me. I can calm a room of mad people and then I can make them feel happy all at the same time. Recognizing my high ranks in the army, Maria decided to change me into a vampire to help her claim territory in Monterrey. My responsibility we to train the young vampires and then kill them when they were no longer useful.

After about a century of this, I grew weary of this lifestyle and I joined an old friend, Peter, and his mate Charlotte. I left them two eventually, not wanting to feed on humans because I could feel my prey's emotions as I killed them. Well here I am not many years later and I live in an abandon house in the woods in Phoenix, Arizona. I have found a way years ago to feed off animals and not humans and I have liked it like that a whole lot better. I also found out that drinking from animals my eyes are no longer red but a nice color of yellow gold. I can be around humans and I have not want to hunt them, I have had all kinds of jobs over the years and I have a fair amount of money in the bank. Right now I work as a bank teller and I just got off work about an hour ago so now I am at home and I am all alone. So I decided to get dressed and go out to a club I have been wanting to go to. I left my house around 7pm and I got to the club around 7:30pm. I went in and found a table in the back and I took a seat to watch everyone dance and have fun.

I was sitting there for awhile and I was about to leave when I saw a group of girls come in and I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever saw. She had long brown hair and was very fair skin that I wanted to touch because it looked so soft and warm. I was standing, then I sat down and I watched her talk with her friends and when she smiled in made my non beating heart skip beat. I sat and watched her for a long time, then I just looked at the table thinking about her and how I wanted her to be mine even tho I did not know her I wanted to get to know her. I was not paying attention when I heard a beautiful angle voice, I looked up and there stood that woman I was looking at.

“Hello, I was wandering if you wanted to dance. I saw you were by yourself and you looked lonely so I decided to come ask you to dance,” She told me.

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