Part 3- Come Again?

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

Three hours later, I was cursing every known God on the planet for the ungodly existence of the being called Lancelin Eustis.

Not only was the guy rude and arrogant, bastard was also a sadist. He'd given me work alright, and I wasn't complaining about it at all, but he purposely kept calling me out to do meaningless chores so I get delayed. For example, I'd been working on compiling data in a recent merger Reefwood had undergone with Glasgow Internationals, but he constantly kept calling me in his cabin to fetch files for him which simply kept piling up on his desk. Not to mention that the files he asked for were kept in places too difficult to find.

"Ms. Johnson."

And there we go again.

I gathered the Glasgow files in my hand as soon as the printer released the final page; stapled them together and put the whole thing into a file and took it with me when I entered his office.

He was sitting on his huge revolving chair with his legs popped up on the desk. He was leaning back on his chair with his eyes closed and hair dishevelled. He looked like he was drained. Yeah right! A person who was drained of energy wouldn't be hovering over a half naked girl, ready to get sweaty a mere five hours ago.

He opened his eyes as soon as I walked in and before he could utter out a command, I spoke. "Here you are, Sir. The progress reports you asked for about the Glasgow merger, along with the details on their bankruptcy before the merger and the list of all employees that work under Reefwood now....and 15 seconds ahead of time. You were saying?"

Did I mention he'd been giving me time limits? Do this in 30mins Ms. Johnson. Those files should be on my table within 1 hour. Etcetera. Etcetera.

I held out the file for him to take but he stared at me for a good 10 seconds before taking the files from my outstretched hand and flipping through the pages. With the speed he was flipping through, I had doubts he even read a single line of the report, but he must have because he definitely looked impressed by the time he'd flipped through to the last page.

"Well done Ms. Johnson. You've exceeded my expectations." He told me with a small smile that transformed his face from grenade to nuclear handsome.

"Does that mean I get to keep my job?" I asked sweetly.

"No." His smile disappeared and was replaced by his usual frown. "You get to leave an hour early than the time I'd planned to send you home."

"Which was?" I had a very bad feeling about this.


Judging by the way his lips tilted at the corner into that oh_so_wretchedly_handsome smirk, I knew my face had paled considerably. But he was firing his next order before I had a chance to complain about the atrocity of the act. "Bring me that red diary from the coffee table."

Frowning I went over to the table and brought back the tiny red diary which looked like the miniature versions of the Bible we got from school. I went to hand it over to him but he held up a hand.

"That diary has all the information about my mistresses, arranged according to alphabetical order. I-"

"Hold on...mistresses?" As in plural.

"You have a problem?" There was a hard edge to his voice, like he was daring me to ask more.

I would've gladly taken up the challenge had I not been on a one week deadline. "No, Sir."

"As I was saying, arrange the names accordingly in weekly orders and tell me the first name you come up with." His voice was firm.

So without fussing over him any longer, I did as told and arranged the names in weekly order. It didn't take me all that long to arrange.

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