Gwen and James

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Beep! Beep! Beep!

You sighed, slamming your fist down on the small alarm clock beside your bed. rubbing your eyes, you oulled yourself up and got out of bed. You were now only a week away from your due date. You waddles into the kitchen to find Bill already up, sipping a coffee, leaning against the table, and watching TV.

"Morning Bill," You mumbled,

"Hey sweetie! How's it going?" He replied putting his coffee down and making his way over to you before wrapping his arms gently around you in a hug. He kissed your forehead and you sighed.

"I feel terrible, your bloody alarm clock woke me up!" You grumbled, he chuckled a little to himself.

"Sorry (Nickname)," You made your way over to the couch, before plopping yourself down. You sighed, why couldn't you just have this baby already! You felt sick, well, nowadays you always felt sick, but nonethelss it was still a big deal. You and Bill had decided to wait to find out the gender of your baby, which you had been happy about at the time, but now you were really anxious to find out.

You guys alreadt had names planned out. For a boy James William, and for a girl Gwendolyn Marie. You were very happy with those names, and so was Bill.

After a few minutes of flipping through news channels you got up,

"I'm going back to bed." You announced lodly enough to get Bills attention off the toast he was eating.

"Oh, ok! Ill be down here if you need anything," You nodded, and made your way back to your bed, laying down and closing your eyes, falling asleep within minutes.


You woke up with a jolt, pain coming sharply from your belly, you held it letting out a small yell. You gritted your teeth, the bed was wet. Your water had broke. You tried to scream, trued to get Bills attention, but nothing got out.

You slowly got out of bed, still holding your belly, before trying to take a few steps but stopping and sitting down on the edge of the bed. Another sharp pain came to your belly, you let out a loud scream, feeling tears well up in your eyes. You tipped your head up to look at the ceiling, and closed your eyes tightly.

"BILL!" You managed to yell, breathing heavily. A few seconds later Bill had rushed to the door.

"Bill," You whispered, as he dropped to his knees beside you.

"Oh, Y/N" He sighed, you groaned.

"It's okay, everything's okay." He said softly but by the look in his eys he was surely panicking.

"My..water it-it broke.." whispered, then yelling out as pain coursed through your body, tears now falling from your eyes. He ran out of the room quickly, grabbing his keys then lifted you up bridal style and placing you neatly into the car.


Bill paced the hallways of the hospital, pulling madly at his hair. Why the bloody heck couldn't he go in! It was his child being birn for christs sake! Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Soos, Melody, Robbir and Pacifica were all seated along the hallway as well. It had been three hours, and Bill was slowly starting to lose his mind. He wanted this child so badly.

"It's okay Bill, Im sure she's fine." Mabel said softly, he sighed and took a seat next to her as a loud scream came from the room Y/N was in.

"Yeah sure, she's totally fine." Bill said sarcastically, before putting his head in his hands.

"I just-"

"Mr Cipher?" Bill snapped hsi head up, a kind faces nurse stood in front of him. He was sure his heart skipped a beat.

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