Chapter 57 The microwave popcorn

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I said I wanted to be a fashion editor but it was only because I liked reading Vogue and I wanted to dip my hands into a new line before anyone else, and perhaps one day someone could make a movie about me titled "The Devil Wears Alexander McQueen/Marc Jacobs/Chanel/Rag and Bone", but since meeting Sean I knew it wasn't really my dream.

My dream was Sean. Ironically, however, I knew he'd respect me less if I told him that. He'd be horrified if I threw away my dream following him to Boston, although that would actually be chasing my dream.

Why does everyone have to become doctors and lawyers and engineers? Why couldn't my ambition be staying perpetually in love with this gorgeous, perfect boy and possibly marry him when I turned 28? He was harder to come across than an ideal job.

I was only seventeen; did I really have to figure out what I wanted to do with life right now? I knew Sean didn't want to feel responsible for stranding me in his city in case we, God forbid, broke up, but I could very well find out that I didn't like interning at a fashion magazine either, and I'd be stranded in NYC with an agonizing long distance relationship-which was why I'd do anything in my power to prevent that from happening.

I went ahead and applied to Boston University. While I was at it, I also tried a few schools in California. I figured I could explore acting as well, or I could at least become a waitress who dreamed of acting; I bet California was packed with those.

I didn't let Sean know and I did this willingly, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little hurt he wouldn't even consider Columbia. I dismissed the thought quickly. It was a dangerous path to go down on, and I refused to compare everything we had to sacrifice for each other because it'd just make me angry.

"Is it weird I feel closer to my granddad than to my parents?" Sean's velvety voice cut into my thoughts. "He's the guy who taught me about the philosophy of life."

"Oh. So he's the reason you're so unbearably good," I teased.

"Well, he has a lot more morals than the show you're watching, that's for certain," he glanced at the TV screen and said, in an equally good-natured tone. It was typical of him to criticize the things I watched, and if I was in a good mood I sometimes found it cute.

But not always.

"Why's that? This is a show about love and courage."

"Every time two people are left in private for five seconds, they start making out. Even if they're supposed to be unavailable. Is that even possible?"

"That's because they don't want to show them staring at each other for two hours before making out. I'm not watching a documentary here."

"I think these people are easier to maneuver than E.Coli in a bio lab."

Only Sean could talk about E.Coli during a kiss scene. "Maybe you can watch one full episode with me, and you'll understand. You can tell me which character you like the most!" That could be sort of fun, I decided. I was sure he would come up with some very interesting input.

"These characters are two-dimensional and they're all the same besides hair color." He combed his fingers through my hair, and he smiled his sexy smile at me. "I like brunettes, by the way."

I chuckled and kissed his cheek. "Fine, you're off the hook."

I watched for a while, then I was suddenly bored. "There's an ABC party tonight. Do you want to go? ABC means Anything But Clothes. Basically people need to find other materials to cover up their bodies, you know, such as duct tape."

Sean looked up briefly from his laptop. "Is this a trick question or do I really get to decide if I want to go?"

"We'll go only if you really want to go." I never forced Sean into anything he wasn't comfortable with. He was an ABC party virgin, after all.

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