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"You mind clocking out for me, Tasha?." I asked my co-worker/friend, while I was getting my things together.

She nodded in agreement without asking, since she already knew my condition. My head was pounding like a drum. But this would've never happened if my bestfriend, Aleeyah, wouldn't have pressured me to go to the club last night.

But I can't blame it all on her, because I'm the one who drunk shot after shot; not her, me. But on the other hand, I do still blame a little on her, because I would of been on my couch watching Netflix in a pair of sweats.

I finished gathering my things and headed home to go to sleep, but not before regurgitating my breakfast and lunch.

I woke up, feeling just right. No headache or nothing. The beaming glow from the sun, lit up the room perfectly, causing me to smile. I could tell that today was going to be a chill day, so I ate breakfast and just--chilled.

Feelin' myself, I'm feelin' mysel-

I picked up my phone smiling, knowing that it was my bestfriend LeeLee (Aleeyah). Me and her mad tight. We have known each other since binkies and bottles--literally. She's my other half, my rider, my sister, and most importantly, my bestfriend.

"Hey bestiee!" She screamed through the phone, nearly blowing my eardrums out.

"You must've just got the D, hun." I joked, knowing she was a lesbian as well. Crazy right?

"Ugh, I'm allergic to d***, it's all about the p***y, sweetie." She said, laughing as well. "And speaking of that, I think I found the right one!" She said sounding excited as hell.

Quick Story- When we were in the 7th grade, we both realized that we liked girls and so long story short; me and her ending up going out. We were each other's everything, but she broke up with me, saying we needed space, but only to go out with another girl.

I was pissed at first, but then forgived her, remembering that life is too short to be holding grudges. Ever since then we have been bestfriends, and I've supported any relationship she has been in and she does the same for me too.

"She betta be the right one, because if she hurt you, I'm beating her ass. No questions about it." I said in all seriousness. Aleeyah already knows that I'm capable of something like that. I might only be 5'3, but I still got them hands on me.

"I highly think she is, but if she step out of line, we beating that bitch ass together! " She said cracking up. I laughed along with her.

"You already know, but what wa-" I started, but was soon interrupted by knocking on my door. I didn't know who it could be, honestly. Parents? Dead. Brother? Somewhere in Cali. Other family? Off the grid of the map.

"Hol' up girl, somebody at my door." I sighed and got off the bed, heading downstairs. I looked through the peephole, seeing a Caucasian mailman around his 40's, with a brown box in his hand.

I opened up the door, "Is this the right address?" I asked suspiciously. He nodded his head, before handing me a clipboard, with a pen. I signed it and gave the clipboard back to him, taking the box.

"Thank you." I said slowly closing the door, without waiting for a response. My mind was elsewhere, who was this?

"Girl, who was it?" She noisily asked through the other end. Shit, I was curious myself. I then discovered that Secret Admirer was written on the side of the box. I took a seat on the couch and opened the box. It consisted of a bouquet of roses, chocolates, a white teddy bear, and a letter; which I was curious to open. But, who was it still?

"I don't know, but they gave me some Valentine shit, along with a letter." I replied.

I opened the letter and it read:

Are you struggling in finding out who this is?
We had a blast at the club last night.
Twerking and everything, and that ass is fat!
Nicki ain' got nothing on you, lol.
But, imma let you go on with your day.
And just know that lap dance and head was magnificent!
-Secret Admirer♥

I hung up the phone without saying 'bye' and just sat there, confused. I knew it was a girl's handwriting, but what I didn't know was...

I gave a lap dance--and head!?


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