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Pen Your Pride

How to Seduce a Player

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Well this is my first story on Wattpad and it was just some kind of idea that popped into my mind one day. I hope you'll all like it.


Cause they’ll bring you down

Don’t keep yourself away
Don’t live your life that way
Of course he’s gonna say anything you want
Then leave quicker than he came now you got yourself to blame
Don’t put yourself back in the fire again

It’s the same damn things you’re so quick to believe
You do it over and over again
And it’s the same mistakes that I’m watching you make
You do it over and over again

So before they bring you down


I woke up from the rays of sun that were blinding my eyes. Opening them, I saw my best friend Deirdre standing with the curtains in her hand.

"Wake up, Julia! It's the first day of school!" she squealed in her high-pitched voice. "It's our senior year!"

She had too much energy. "Dee, why the hell are you always so chipper in the morning?"

She cocked her head and smiled. "Believe me, it's much better than a stupid alarm."

I seriously doubted it. It was quite annoying to have a 17 year old standing beside your bed, acting like a child who still watches Sesame Street

"Five more minutes, please," I groaned, while I placed a pillow on top of my head.

At that moment my other best friend, Jaimy-lee, entered my room. She ripped the cushion of my head and drew the blankets back. I immediately shivered from the cold.

"Remember me why I gave you guys the keys to my house."

"Because we're your best friends," Dee quipped.

"And without us you'd dress yourself even worse than you're doing now," Jaimy-lee added.

Dee and Jaimy-lee considered themselves the most fashionable girls in school. They were. Always walking in designer shirts, mini-skirts and high heels. Even I had to admit they always  looked amazing. But it just wasn't my thing. I preferred a band-tee with a pair of skinny jeans and my favorite leather Converse. Much to their dismay, I had to add. If they could have their way, I'd be their personal barbie doll.

"There's nothing wrong with my clothes," I argued for the thousandth time.

Dee planted her hands on her small hips. She has always been a little ball of energy. I still wondered how it was possible for someone who's 5'3" to be able to produce so much energy. I guess it's just her nature.

"Do you think that if Marc Jacobs would have designed sloppy t-shirts with bands on it, he would still be as popular as he is now? Or if Christian Louboutin produced your leather Converse he would be so admired by all the celebrities? Or if-"

She was interrupted by Jaimy-lee who held up a perfectly manicured hand. "Dee, I think she gets the point."

Jaimy-lee was Dee's complete opposite. She was long and slender, with curves in all the right places and a beautiful face. Her blonde hair was always perfectly styled and shining like the hair in those commercials for shampoos and conditioners. I had no idea how she managed to get it that straight and silky, but she did anyway.

She was also always very calm and collected. Sending of some quiet power. Everybody always listened to her. People in our school admired her, but were scared of her at the same time. If Jaimy-lee Worthington Smith wanted to destroy you, she would. This went against all Dee's believes, who wouldn't hurt a fly.

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