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The next morning I got up at 7 and got dressed. It's always weird to wake up in a new room.

I quickly brushed my teeth then put on my gym shoes and walked downstairs.

"Your up early" Callie said

"Yeah I know" I said not wanting anymore questions so I walked out the door. While I was walking to the old barn I noticed a second house in good shape.

Does someone else live here?

Oh well. I got to the barn and began to work on the truck.


I had repaired the tires on the truck with some I had found in the back of the barn. I fixed the steering wheel with ease. It was actually starting to look better.

When I had gotten inside I checked the date. Tuesday. I have a fight tonight. I changed clothes into a red sports bra and black shorts. I tied my long hair into a pony tail. 

I put on a jacket so Callie wouldn't ask where I was going dressed like this and asked her for the keys. She gave them to me without question but gave me a strange look. I rolled my eyes at her a left.

To stall time I warmed up in the back with a punching bag. Everyone else in the backroom whispered about me since I was new. There eyes stayed on me. I unzipped my jacket and made sure the hood was over my eyes, but I could still see.

I herd him call my fighting name, Black widow, and took the stage. No one clapped because no one knew me. Some guys whistled but that was all. 

Then the other guy had his name called, Beast. Everyone clapped for him and he smirked at me. He was very attractive. I smirked at him to and blew him a fake kiss. The crowed cheered as I did. 

He winked at me to return the favor and I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn't see me. I can already tell that I don't like him.

Then they called go and we began to fight.


Once the fight was over the guy was on the floor knocked out and I stood there. Everyone was silent. I could only hear my breathing.

"And Black Widow is the winner"

The crowd clapped heavily and I wiped the sweat off my hands.

"She took down the undefeated Beast!"

Wait undefeated? This just got a whole lot better.

I walked of the stage and grabbed the cash that I had earned. I went into the back room with the other fighters and grabbed my stuff. I sat outside for a while, watching more fights and scouting out the competition.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Beast walking to me.

"You were amazing in the fight" he said as he sat next to me.

"Thanks, you were good but not fast enough. Work on your agility" I said not sparing a glance  at him.

He nodded "Thanks. Maybe you could teach me some time"

He winked at me. "Go find a different whore" I shot him down.

He laughed "who are you"

"Black Widow" I said

"No, your real name" he said

"Now why would I tell you that?" I said

"Cause I asked" he said

"Vanessa" I said obviously not going to tell him it was Lexi

"Zack" he smiled

I looked at my watch.

"I'll see you around" I said then left getting in my car

It was 12 at night and I need to get back. When I arrived at my temporary him Callie stood in the kitchen.

"Where were you" she asked impatiently

"Places" I said walking upstairs not meeting her irritated gaze.

She sighed in defeat, finally realizing how much I was a challenge.

I walked upstairs to the room given to me and as soon my head hit the pillow I fell asleep.

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