{2: Tough Situation}

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{2: Tough Situation}

Kaneki can't bring himself to eat the food provided for him. Perhaps it is due to the strong bleach like smell that fills the hospital... Or, if he were to be honest, it is likely the memories of HER, the woman... Or rather the Ghoul that NEARLY killed him that invades both his dreams and his thoughts.

She had bit him.

What did he taste like?

Did Rize think he tasted like chicken?

What do humans taste like?

For some strange reason the words HUMAN and TASTE cause him to drool. What is going on with him? Is he going crazy?

"You need to eat it if you want to get better," Kaneki's nurse says in a soft voice, trying to encourage him to eat. She attempts to keep a small smile upon her face, but it is clear that she is worried. Who wouldn't be? Kaneki can't even remember when he last ate...

Feeling guilty for making the kind nurse worry, Kaneki responds by saying, "I'm sorry... It just tastes kinda..." his voice trails off as he mentally recalls the horrid taste of the food. The miso soup tasted like machine oil the texture of the tofu felt like a glob of lard, and the rice felt like he was putting little balls of glue in his mouth. Much to his dismay, everything given to him tasted horrible.


Soon after Kaneki's release from his hospital, he finds himself in a pitiful state. WHY DOES NOTHING TASTE GOOD TO HIM? Even his favorite meal from the restaurant Big Girl did not taste good to him. The food tasted so disgusting that Kaneki had puked... He had puked on both the table and Hide...

Kaneki, after his incident with Rize, has developed a grim fascination of Ghouls. He knows little to nothing about them... Laying upon his comfy couch, Kaneki watches t.v with little interest until a certain phrase uttered by a Ghoul Researcher gains his attention, "...On top of that their tongues work differently than ours do...So our foods taste revolting to them." Overcome by a sudden wave of panic, Kaneki dashes into his kitchen, and takes an armful of food out of the fridge.

It's just a coincidence, right?

Rize was a Ghoul...

But he isn't!

Sure he had one of her organs transplanted into him, but that wouldn't make him a Ghoul, would it?

Slices of bread taste like sponges, vegetables taste like wax, fruit taste like rubber, and various condiments taste like cement.

"How could you have known? How could you have possibly thought that MIGHT be a Ghoul?" Rize's voice and laughter rings throughout Kaneki's head. He involuntarily shivers.

"Rize..." Kaneki whispers, fearing that if he says her name too loudly that she will somehow come back from the dead, "Could you have guessed that it would turn out like this? Could you have thought of the possibility that you MIGHT die?" An image of her body, having become warped due to pieces of fallen metal flash before his eyes. The image is soon followed by other images.

Kaneki can see her everywhere... Sitting next to him on the couch, reading a book... He can see her looking at his inaccurate drawing of a Ghoul, pretending to be impressed. He can see her skipping over the once delicious foods that now lie uneaten on the floor of his apartment.

To his horror, he sees her the most in himself. He sees her in his eyes, or rather eye... One of his eyes has changed to consist of a red and black combination, two colors that are seen in the eyes of a hungry Ghoul.

Damn it! The woman, even in death refuses to leave him alone. She has invaded many things... She has invaded his thoughts, his dreams, his life... Now part of her is WITHIN him, reminding him of the fact that she is HAUNTING him. Kaneki wants her to GO, to leave him ALONE.... How do you get rid of someone that is inside of you?

In tough situations Kaneki would usually ask Hide for help... But Kaneki can't ask him about THIS. Kaneki can't let him know... He can't let him know that he has become a Ghoul... Kaneki can't let him know he has become a devourer of innocents... Kaneki can't let him know that he has become a monster.

Perhaps he should visit Hide... Perhaps seeing the cheery boy would easy some of his pain... Perhaps Hide could shine some light in his dark, terrifying world.

Oh Hide... Kaneki thinks as he attempts to get some sleep, What would I do without you?

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