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Pen Your Pride

"Why did my life have to be like this," I grumbled to no-one in particular.

I looked into the mirror searching for any flaws in my appearance.

Well, the only one I actually paid attention to was my big 'billboard brow'.

I sighed, some things may never change.

I hurried down the stairs after I grabbed my kunai pouch.

I stopped in my tracks, my mom was crying.

I hurried as fast as I could tripping some times.

This was serious.

My mom hasn't cried like that since Samantha's death.

One key word occured to me.

My  teal green eyes widened. 


"M-mom?" I asked my voice shaking.

"Oh! Sakura! I didn't realize you were up so early." My mom said cheerfully.

'She was hiding something.' I thought to myself.

Mom knows I always leave the house exactly 3 hours earlier so I can improve my skills.

"Mother what's wrong?"I questioned. I walked to her and put my hand on her shoulder.

She was a bit shorter than me so I leaned down and stared her straight in the eye.

"Your Father's gone honey. He's d-d-dead. He was killed in his latest mission." 

I froze.

I didn't hear anything she said afterwards.

Dad was dead?

How could that happen?

Why him?

"I understand." I said in a monotone voice. I was surprised my voice could even sound like that.

"Sweetie, do you wanna take the day off? I could tell Kakashi sen-" I cut her off.

"Its okay Mom. A ninja should continue on her duty and not show emotion. It's one of the many rules of the ninja." 

"Alright." She agreed reluctantly.

"Stay safe!" She called out.

I stopped for just a miillisecond. That's what she said to Dad before he left for his mission.  

The mission that he didn't come back from alive.

"You too." I replied. 

I shut the door and took off into the forest. 

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