Secret life?

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Today was yet another day when i had to upload my singing video on youtube. But of course, again i had to block the camera with my finger just so people can't see who's behind the camera. I've been making youtube videos like this for 2 years now , but nobody knows who i am.
I don't want to do that but my parents would kill me if they found out, so i need to just keep hiding my face from the camera.
Today was the day when i had to cover , one of the most incredible songs of all time. The song was by a woman who inspired me the most.She was such an amazing person, even thought i have never met her before, well,now i can't anymore.
Today , i'm covering a song named "i have nothing" by beautiful Whitney Houston.
I sat on my bed and turned the camera on.
The red light started blinking so i started singing.
'Share my life
Take me for what i am...'
I had over 10 milion subscribers, but i still didn't want them to know my identity.
I had to share my voice with someone.That's the main reason why i started my youtube channel + i love to sing so...yeah.
I upload my video per usual on my youtube channel, and go to bed.
Tommorow's the first day of highschool,yey senior year, awsome.
I hope i won't embarress myself like i usually do.
Now i must go to sleep...

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