Chapter 1

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The one night I get away from my overprotective brothers,and my best friend just had to drag me to a club. To hook up and get some fun in my life. My life is fine just the way it is. But no Jessica has other idea's. When they think I'm not looking Jessica and my oldest brother Daniel give each other secret looks. I know they're dating, but it hurts that they won't tell us. The club she took me to is called Avion's. Don't know how she got my brothers to agree for me to go to a club. When I first walked in I immediately noticed him.

He was gorgeous, but something else told me he was dangerous as well. I wasn't close to him, but I knew he was checking me out. My brain told me to stay away, but my body and maybe my heart told me to get closer. As I got closer I saw that he had muscles, not the kind of muscles that has muscles on top of muscles, but just the right amount in the right places. I didn't get the chance to check him out further, because Jessica pulled or rather dragged me to the bar. The only rule my brothers had for me to go to Avion's was not to drink. But I had a feeling Jessica was about to break that rule, and bring me some drinks as well.

When we got to the bar, I turned around and saw the mystery guy was gone. For some reason I was oddly disappointed. Jessica handed me a drink, but I turned it down. I headed to the dance floor, my favorite song was playing, Into The Night by Santana featuring Chad Kroeger. I was dancing away when I felt hands on my waist, I turned around and saw that the hands belonged to the mystery guy. When I tried to move, his hands tightened around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I couldn't help myself, somehow someway I felt whole being around this mystery guy. I turned back around and started to dance again. He pulled me closer to him. I don't think he wanted to let me go anytime soon.

I was looking around for Jessica when my mystery guy grabbed my hand and pulled me to an empty booth. I thought back to what my brain registered...why did I say my and why did I claim him? He isn't mine and with my brothers I doubt he will be. But by the way he's looking at me, I say he has already claimed me as his. And I doubt my brothers will stop him. He had his arms wrapped tightly around me, from where we sat we could see everything around us, but we couldn't be seen. And a good thing too, because my brothers just got together with Jessica and pulled her out of the club. Benji and Nathan were still at the club...probably looking for me.

But I was happy where I was at. I moved further into the mystery guy's arms. I was so close that I could feel his breath and teeth on my neck. Turning my head slightly his lips were suddenly on mine. And let me tell you something, I have never felt anything so passionate. Clinging to him tighter, deepening the kiss. I didn't ever want to stop, but we both needed to breathe. He pulled away first and put his head in the crook of my neck.

I ran my fingers through his hair, just thinking. What would my brothers do? How were they going to react? Then I remembered back to when my brothers were at the club. They took Jessica which meant I had no ride home. I'm screwed. I had stopped running my fingers through his hair, when he realized I had stopped he looked up. He had gorgeous gray eyes. He also had a scar above his left eye. Made him look more dangerous but also sexy. I had a feeling that he wanted to know what had made me stop what I was doing.

"I have no ride home and I don't even know your name." I told him.

"I can fix that. And my name is Maddox." he said.

"I get the feeling you don't talk much." I said.

"Nope and since I told you my name, it's only fair for you to tell me your name."



He put his head back into the crook of my neck. Without moving his head he picked me up and put me on his lap. He kissed my neck, then he put his lips on mine. I turn to straddle him, so I could deepen the kiss. This kiss was hotter than the last. Maddox hands were around my waist and he pulled me closer if possible. My hands were in his hair again, tugging and pulling him closer. We were so into the kiss that we didn't even notice or hear the wolf whistle. Maddox broke the kiss and started to glare at the people who wolf whistled at us. My head was in the crook of his neck. I moved my head so I could see who wolf whistled and made Maddox break our kiss. They weren't bad looking guys, I think Maddox knew I was checking them out, because he suddenly attacked my lips. I kissed back just as passionately as he kissed me.

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